Finding the right tools to feel confident with your hair


Kylie Kost/Iowa State Daily

Pure Luxe Salon is located on Clark Ave. They offer facials, waxing, nail care, makeup and hair cuts.

Amber Mohmand

Finding a stylist can be hard to do, especially since they have different skills which cater towards specific hair types. A lot of people struggle to understand which product or hairstylist is right to them, resulting in bad haircuts and hair days.

Finding the right product

There is no universal product for all types of hair. Every person will use a different product that is right for them. If a product works for your friend, it does not mean it will work for you. Cheri Miller, Pure Luxe level three- stylist and cosmetologist, explained she uses Mizani products since her hair is curly, but she would use another product on someone who has fine hair.

For example, using a cream based product would not work for someone with beach curls but for someone who has tighter curls, the cream could help elongate them. She also said those with textured hair could use more oil.

For specific products, Miller recommends to go directly to the salon to buy a product because they can guarantee it is the true product. She said to stay away from buying a cheaper version of the product from different stores.

“I can’t guarantee what’s in that in that container,” Miller said. “A lot of times …  it’s extremely old products, which means it’s not going to do what it’s supposed to do. They’ll actually use different product in it … a lot of the times the texture is different, the consistency is different.”

For those who need to budget their hair products, Miller said to stay away from products that have too much protein because most people do not know how to work with it which can severely damage their hair. She also said to stay away from the cheaper shampoos and conditioners and would ultimately recommend coming in to a salon and working with a stylist to figure out what is best for your hair.

Finding a stylist

Miller said it’s important to find a stylist that has a similar personality or interests and will make the client feel comfortable around them. She said you should feel comfortable around the stylist and feel a connection with them. If a stylist does not meet these standards, they will not create a successful hair cut.

Checking out the stylist’s social media to see what types of hair specializes, their work, and their reviews are very helpful.  Social media can show you what the stylist can do and if they can work with your hair type.

Miller said finding a stylist that is confident and honest with their client is essential for the client.Miller said a good stylist is willing to say no to them in order to protect the integrity of their hair. She said there are stylists out there that will continue with a style despite the negative consequences.

“Some stylists are just money hungry,” Miller said. “Where they don’t care about the integrity [natural texture] of your hair, they’re really just here because you’ll pay them. I feel like if you’re with a good stylist, they’re gonna steer you in the right direction, they’re going to do anything in your best interest.”

If a client wants their stylist to create a look that is not healthy for their hair, an honest stylist should tell you no and explain why. Miller explained saying no and giving a reason why the style is unhealthy, it shows the client that the stylist is well informed. So if a stylist is afraid to say no to the client, it can damage their hair.

“Women, our hair is our crown. Our hair is for the most part what makes us feel beautiful,” Miller said.