Remember the people who made your wedding happen


Photo Illustration: Kendra Plathe/Iowa State Daily

Spas and salons are a great wedding gift to release some stress.

Laura Bucklin

Finding the right gift for friends is usually pretty easy, but when it’s gifts for a wedding party, shopping gets a little tougher.

It’s the big day, and the wedding party has already helped pick out the dress, planned the wedding, hosted bachelor/bachelorette parties and so much more. Therefore, it’s time for the bride and groom to show them their appreciation.

Brides commonly purchase jewelry for their bridesmaids.

Megan Kroneman, a newlywed ISU alumnae, not only purchased jewelry, but she also got the girls a candle.

“Try to get something you think they will like or use at some point,” advised Kroneman.

Kroneman’s husband, Travis, bought his groomsmen personalized beer mugs and shot glasses. These are popular gifts for groomsmen, because the guys can use them at the wedding reception.

Obviously, not all gifts have to be physical objects.

Jenna Radmer, a student at the University of Wisconsin, said her friend paid for a spa day and massages for her bridal party.

“It’s a great gift and bonding experience,” Radmer said.

If a groom wants to do an activity instead of a gift, he can take the guys out for a round of golf.

Other brides or grooms try to think more outside the box.

Some unique gifts for bridesmaids are a pashmina scarf that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses, a cute personalized pocket mirror, a matching clutch, a personalized purse hanger or many other similar gifts.

The groom can be unique as well. Some neat gift ideas for the groomsmen are a personalized cooler/duffle bag (equipped with beer and food, of course), car washing kit, personalized branding iron for cooking and personalized baseball bats. The list goes on and on.

If the guys are big drinkers, a groom can even get them a remote control cooler, which is always an entertaining and useful gift.

In the end, a bride and groom need to choose gifts their wedding party will actually enjoy. It’s important to not let money be the deciding factor, because these people are putting aside a lot of time for their friend’s special day.

Lastly, don’t forget about the rest of the people involved with the wedding. The Kronemans also bought gifts for their ushers, personal attendants, and host and hostess for the dinner.

“This was just our way of thanking those people that had a large part in our special day by making sure everything ran smoothly,” Kroneman said.