Hurricane Irene cuts power as it churns north

CNN Wire Service

Hurricane Irene knocked out power to more than 4 million customers as it made its way north along densely populated cities on the East Coast.

Utility companies and emergency agencies reported outages early Sunday, and warned that the numbers are expected to go up as the storm swirls north.


About 525,000 households are currently without power, state spokeswoman Kathy Ross said Sunday.


About 822,000 households, an estimated 657,000 people, are out of power due to storm conditions in Maryland, state management officials said.


As many as 9,221 customers are without power, the state’s Emergency Management Agency reported.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that 905, 334 customers do not have electricity as a result of tropical storm Irene.

North Carolina

An approximate 525,000 customers are without electricity, state emergency officials said Sunday.


About 382,200 people were without power early Sunday, said Ruth Miller, a spokeswoman for the state Emergency Management Agency.


More than 900,000 people are without power in Virginia alone, a spokesperson with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said Sunday

Washington, D.C.

About 29,000 households are out of power, D.C.’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management reported Sunday.

Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, an estimated 155,377 are without power, a spokesperson with Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s office said Sunday.