Horton-Tucker and Shayok test out at the NBA Combine


Iowa State’s Talen Horton-Tucker was drafted in the second round of the 2019 NBA Draft by the Las Angeles Lakers after declaring for the draft early after his freshman campaign at Iowa State.

Jack Shover

Talen Horton-Tucker and Marial Shayok both worked out at the NBA Combine with both partaking in physical and athletic measurements this week.

Horton-Tucker, who entered the draft early, tested well with his wingspan despite only measuring in at 6 feet 4 inches in shoes. His wingspan totaled 7 feet 1 1/4 inches, which was tied for 17th overall at the combine. All of the players ahead of Horton-Tucker were 6 feet 6 inches or taller.

Shayok measured in at just over 6 feet 5 inches in shoes and had an impressive 7 feet wingspan.

While he had a large wingspan, Horton-Tucker measured poorly both in weight and on-court speed.

Horton-Tucker weighed in at 235.4 pounds and had a body fat percentage of 8.4%  which was the eighth worst at the combine. He was the heaviest guard at the combine.

Both Horton-Tucker and Shayok finished in the bottom half or bottom quarter of all testing prospects for lane agility, shuttle run and three quarter sprint times. The only exception was Shayok in the shuttle run where he finished 13th overall.

The lane agility drill tests the athletes’ change of direction skills with side-to-side shuffling, back pedaling and forward running incorporated into the drill. In the shuttle run, the athletes tests their side-to-side change of direction skills and the three quarter sprint tests their straight line speed.

Shayok also measured in at 196.8 pounds and had a body fat percentage of 4.7% which was the 15th best overall.

In addition to agility and size, Shayok had a vertical of 36.5 inches and Horton-Tucker of 34.5 inches with the combine’s median average being around 36 inches.

Despite Horton-Tucker’s up-and-down testing, his youth and elite length will be tempting to NBA teams as Horton-Tucker is only 18 years old and would be able to fine tune his body. Shayok is 23 years old, but was an AP Honorable Mention All-American in his only season with Iowa State while averaging 18.7 points, 4.9 rebounds and two assists a game.

Horton-Tucker averaged 11.8 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.3 assists.