2012 Republican presidential candidates

Katherine Klingseis

Newt Gingrich will be speaking 2 p.m. Thursday at Olde Main Brewery. In the next few months, many presidential candidates will be sweeping through Ames. Here is a list of a few notable Republicans who are in the presidential race and two that are not.

Who is in:

Ron Paul

Ron Paul announced his nomination for presidency May 13. According to his website, Paul believes in low taxes, free markets and “a return to sound monetary policies.” Paul is also a supporter anti-abortion, as well as being against the deployment of more troops to the Iraq. According to his website, Paul believes America’s military should be “securing our borders.”

Mitt Romney

On April 11, 2011, Mitt Romney announced the formation of his exploratory presidential committee via video. Romney was a leading candidate early in the 2008 presidential race. His 2012 presidential bid is off to another strong start. In his video, Romney unveiled his presidential slogan, “Believe in America.”

Newt Gingrich

After announcing his candidancy May 11, Newt Gingrich kicked off his presidential campaign with a 17-city tour across Iowa. It included a stop in Ames. From 1995 to 1999, Gingrich was the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. According to his website, Gingrich has a pro-growth strategy to “balance the budget, pay down the debt and create jobs.” His website also states that Gingrich plans to “protect life and religious liberty” by nominating conservative judges, ending taxpayer subsidies for abortion and protecting religious expression. 

Who is out:

Donald Trump


Ending months of speculation, business mogul Donald Trump announced  Monday that he would not be running for president in 2012. This announcement came after Trump encouraged speculation about President Obama’s American citizenshp. Due to this speculation, Obama allowed Hawaiian officials to release his long-form birth certificate to the public


Mike Huckabee

After having a strong campaign in the 2008 presidential race, Mike Huckabee was believed to be a frontrunner in the 2012 presidential race. However, Huckabee announced Sunday that he would not run for president. On the final segment of his Fox News show, Huckabee said, “All the factors say go, but my heart says no.”