Bachelor party mishaps, successes


Photo Illustration: David Derong/Iowa State Daily

Responsible doses of alcohol and cards typically play a part in putting together a bachelor party.

Laura Bucklin

Planning an epic bachelor party is crucial to many men’s wedding process. The bachelor party is the perfect time for the future groom and his close friends to hang before they “say farewell,” so-to-speak, to a buddy.

Preferably, the best man should plan all the details of the party.

Merrick Havens, ISU alumnus, planned a whole day of fun for his best friend’s bachelor party. The group started the day with a round of golf, went to dinner, barhopped and then headed to the strip club to “send off” their buddy.

“I have a friend that had an old-school bus, and he was nice enough to haul us around town while we went to different places,” Havens said.

Havens suggests always having a designated driver when planning an epic bachelor party. It will lift a bunch of pressure off your shoulders as a planner and friend.

At the strip club, the boys paid for the future groom to get on stage, which “isn’t cheap” Havens said. They requested the “special bachelor dance.” None of the guys really knew what to expect.

The groom wasn’t feeling too well, so another friend who was planning on getting married soon volunteered to go on stage, since they’d already paid for it.

“The girl ripped off his nice shirt and took off his belt and hit him with it,” Havens said. “It was funny because he technically wasn’t supposed to be up there.”

The moral of the story is to plan ahead and make sure you know what you’re getting yourself or your friends into during a bachelor party.

Another tip Havens suggested is to not leave anyone out.

“When you’re planning, there are going to be friends that aren’t involved with the personal planning or family members you don’t know,” Havens said. “Just make sure and do your research to include everyone.”

Andrew Shanahan, writer, said establishing a dress code, having a money pool or designated “treasurer” to pay bar tabs, and simply to have fun are the keys.

Some possible dress code themes are toga party, golfing, Mardi Gras or Las Vegas.

Havens is getting married June 11. His buddies in Arizona are planning a bachelor party for him in Las Vegas.

“I don’t know the details. All I did was book two suites at the Rio Casino,” Havens said. “I’m giving my friends the reins.”

When asked if his party will end up “Hangover” -style, Haven said, “You can’t plan that.”

Ladies and gentlemen need to be open-minded while planning their bachelorette/bachelor parties. Havens said his fiancé’s best friends planned a skydiving trip for her and her friends.

“Anyone at her party that had it on their bucket list went,” Havens said. “I would not be opposed to that. It sounded awesome.”