Dealing with graduation attire


Photo: Julie Vujnovich/Iowa State Daily

Senior Ellie Skowronek prepares her outfit for graduation.

Laura Bucklin

The surprises hidden under a graduate’s robe are endless. That thin, black polyester can be the perfect excuse to help any final grad prank be incognito.

Of course, many go with the classic choices for graduation attire. Girls usually wear a nice dress or dress pants, and guys usually wear a nice button-down with a tie or a suit under their robes.

There are of course the others who decide to take it a different direction.

Caitlin Jones, a senior graduating with a triple major in journalism and mass communication, Spanish and international studies, has been to a couple graduations in her day.

“I’ve seen people dye their hair, have crazily decorated caps, and girls taking off their gowns after they throw their caps to reveal their bikinis,” Jones  said. 

Jones plans on walking at the LAS graduation May 6. She decided on wearing something a little less traditional. She plans on wearing her going-out outfit for the night.

“I’ll probably bump it up a notch from my normal bar outfit and wear a nicer dress so I make it a little more of a celebratory situation,” Jones  said, “I plan to do this so that I can minimize the time in between the graduation and the celebration.”

Tyler Pals, senior in journalism and mass communication, says he might take it a step further.

“I really want to wear swimming trunks,” said Pals, “It think it’d be funny because my ankles would be showing and also my mom would be so embarrassed.”

After all the years our parents have embarrassed us, it seems like a reasonable compromise. Pals also hopes to buy a “sweet tank” to go with his get-up. 

Many of us have memories of graduation robe pranks from high school.

Michael Main, senior in liberal studies, will “never forget” the guy who mooned his whole graduating class.

“It was hilarious. The cops arrested him on stage,” Main said.

Some hope for entertaining moments like this at their big day.

“I wouldn’t mind being able to tell people later that we had a streaker.” Jones said.  

Whether you plan on wearing a dress, a speedo, a kilt, a pirate outfit, a suit or your birthday suit, it’s important to take the weather into account.

Obviously, mother nature likes to throw surprises at us Iowa dwellers. Therefore, wearing a full suit on a hot May day may not be the best idea. Remember, you’re wearing a cheap, itchy, synthetic gown.

All in all, it’s important that you make your graduation a great memory.

“I have mixed feelings about ‘growing up’, but I am ready to be done with classes and get a taste of the real world for now,” Jones said.

This is your last time with your peers before you grow up and enter the “real world”. Therefore, it’s important that you go out in a way that’s best for you. If that means wearing a traditional outfit and playing it cool, then great. If that means showing off your goodies, then show them off, and don’t hold back.