Instantly Broadcast Yourself and Share with Socialcam

Derek Jensen

Admit it. We have begun going down a path where we want to share almost everything with our friends. For that matter, businesses are taking advantage of these many consumer-based social platforms and functions to enhance their own actions in connecting with their customers. 

What’s new this time?

With a simple download of an app for your iPhone or Android device you are able to shoot video of whatever you are doing and share it instantly with whomever you like. 

Watch a video introducing Socialcam here


Building Your Personal Brand

A personal brand is essentially your voice and appearance that sets out to attract a community, your community. It’s not just about having a Facebook profile or a Twitter account. It is about the interactions, connections, and overall voice that you spread out to people in both the online and offline worlds. 

Think of a personal brand as your way to be noticed and not have to worry about seeking opportunities. When you build your personal brand right and continue to work at it, opportunities will come to you. Trust me!

This Socialcam app allows for you to express your thoughts, show your experiences, and truly “show off” your personal brand to many. With the best thing being that this is video, your personality will have a better connection with anyone and everyone. 

Building the Voice of Your Business

The bridge between consumer and business (enterprise) tools is quickly becoming an unknown distinction. Many would say that there is still a different mindset for using their particular tools in a personal vs business manner. 

But, is there really?

If you want there to be, but I strongly believe if your business thinks in a more personal way the connection between your business and your customers will be of higher value. 

This Socialcam app allows for you to begin practicing just that. Have your employees express themselves at work and truly show why your business is awesome. You can even go out and talk with your customers with the goal to establish a relationship with them, not a goal to attract other customers. Trust me, this slight change in view will still bring in customers but keep the value of your business high. 

Socialcam is Just One Way

Yes, Socialcam is a cool tool to instantly share your video with people, but there are many other ways to have this same valuable connection whether you are building your personal brand or building the voice of your business.  Stay tuned for more!

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment or tweet me at @byderekj on Twitter.