Letter: Cael Sanderson owes no explanation to Iowa State

Monday’s article, [by Jeremiah Davis: “Cael Sanderson sold out“], regarding hurt feelings over Penn State’s NCAA championship under former ISU coach Cael Sanderson overlooked one important fact: Cael Sanderson is not your bitch.

I doubt that Cael at age 5 dreamed of becoming a wrestler so that he could adorn your Wheaties box and be your hometown hero. No matter how much we love Iowa State and the Cyclones, most of us go on to other places, have new experiences, and achieve our personal goals.

I don’t know coach Sanderson; I don’t know whether he wanted a change of scenery, more money, or just wanted to be closer to a decent cheese steak, but he owes us no explanation for us.

The fact that his legacy at Iowa State caused the author grief says nothing about his character, but quite a bit about the author’s.