Dare to Dream event brings together campus Latino organizations

Alli Kolick

ISU Latino student organizations are joining forces Thursday night to raise awareness of the issues Latino students face each day.

The Interested Gentlemen of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc., Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Inc., the Latino Heritage Committee and Latinoamericanos are focusing on immigration at Thursday’s “Dare to Dream” event as it presents a number of issues Latino teenagers face as they grow up.

After the new immigration laws in Arizona were put into effect was really the first time the different Latino organizations on campus have come together to collaborate on an event, said Claudia Prado Meza, president of the Latino Heritage Committee and international graduate in sociology.

In the film, students tell their stories about how they have dealt with or are still dealing with these immigration issues.

“This movie presents many experiences from different countries, which is important. We’re inviting people to hear the stories,” Prado Meza said.

“The first thing that we want is to create awareness. We want students to know about the Dream Act and the Iowa Act and what the similarities and differences are. We want to start having conversations to bring students together.”