Three Big Takeaways: Texas sweep Cyclones at Big 12 quarterfinals


Iowa State freshman Ange Oby Kajuru gets ready to serve the ball against the Oklahoma Sooners on April 8.

Andrew Harrington

No. 4 Texas women’s tennis asserted its dominance at the Big 12 Championship Friday, dominating Iowa State 4-0 to advance.

Friday’s 4-0 win over West Virginia did not provide the spark that the Cyclones were hoping for, as the team was swiftly taken down by the Longhorns. Despite this, there still were a few things for Iowa State fans to look forward to as the NCAA Tournament draws closer.

Troubles in Texas

Texas appears to have the number of Iowa State, dominating the Cyclones not once but twice this season. Back in March, Texas took down Iowa State 6-1. Dropping just one singles match, Texas showed why it is so highly regarded in the rankings.

When Friday rolled around, it was clear that it would take a near-perfect performance for Iowa State to come out on top.

Dropping two out of three doubles matches before losing the first three singles matches sealed the fate of the Cyclones, as they were unable to gain any momentum early in the doubles matches.

One bright spot for Iowa State is it had the upper hand in a few of the singles matches that went unfinished due to Texas getting its fourth point to clinch the win.

Dynamic Duo

The No. 3 doubles team of Ange Oby Kajuru and Chie Kezuka provided the lone win for the Cyclones against Texas. The unit put together a dominant 6-2 win and have become a force for the Cyclones as of late.

The two have now won nine straight matches, dating back to the last time they met the Longhorns on March 20.

This pairing has proved successful for the Cyclones, who are going to need people to count on when the NCAA Tournament comes around.

Now They Wait

After suffering the loss to Texas, all the Cyclones can do now is wait to hear their name called during the selection show on May 2.

Head Coach Boomer Saia said earlier in the week that he believes his team has done all that they need to do in order to get in, finishing 11-0 in non-conference play with wins over Purdue, Iowa, No. 46 Columbia, No. 65 Washington State, No. 50 VCU, No. 42 Wisconsin and No. 47 Memphis.

In Big 12 play, things took a bit of a turn with the team finishing 4-5; however, all but one of the matches during conference play were against ranked teams, and the Cyclones won against the lone unranked opponent 6-1.

Iowa State came into Friday’s match ranked No. 34 and seems to be a lock for the NCAA Tournament.