Mental health resources on campus offer stress relief for finals


Chris Jorgensen/Iowa State Daily

The community was invited to participate in a free event to celebrate the International Day of Yoga on June 21 in State Gym. Several different instructors guided about 30 participants through a yoga session lasting over an hour.

Bergan Fox

Around this time of year, students usually undergo a lot stress. This is predominantly caused by final exams in classes, as they are something that can make or break a grade. Although this is a busy time for many students there are plenty of techniques and resources on campus to help relieve some of that stress.  

Paul Iman, a freshman in mechanical engineering, finds that going to the gym with friends helps him to destress from school.

“We usually come with a group of four or five and it helps a lot,” Iman said.

Iman said that focusing on other tasks and activities other than the stressor helps your mind to cope with all the stress that comes with finals.

I feel just getting away from school for any amount of time helps,” Iman said.

Many students have their own way that works with getting their mind off stress. Some may be common, but others are more unique.

Kimberly Chew, a sophomore in pre-dietetics, has a unique spot that she goes to to get her mind off of school.

“I go to Music Hall because playing the piano helps to relieve my stress,” Chew said.

Another resource that is available on campus is the Fitness and Wellness Suite located in State Gym. The suite offers a wide variety of activities that help students relieve stress or any mental health burdens they may have.  

Whitney Mies, junior in kinesiology and health, is an employee at the suite.

“[The Fitness and Wellness Suite] offer yoga, there are art classes and a ton of circuit workouts you can do,” Mies said. “They also offer some in Beyer; there is some up here in the Fitness and Wellness Suite, we have a Pilates and yoga studio. There is the multi-purpose rooms downstairs where they offer boxing and Beyer has a functional training room.”

Mies said she finds that working out is helpful when combatting her own stress.

“When I know that I’m stressed, I know I need to work out,” Mies said. “I know it really energizes me and keeps me focused. It also helps me in my classes too.”

The Tap Room is another helpful resource available on campus. It’s located on the lower level of Parks Library behind the stairs. The Tap Room is available 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The room offers a wide variety of stress relief therapy activities.  

Maeve McGuire, sophomore in technical communication, works as a Peer Wellness Educator through Student Wellness.

McGuire described all of the different stations the Tap Room has to fit students’ needs. The first station has activities that can be done alone or with a friend that include self-guided meditations, coloring books and adult puzzles. The second station is aromatherapy-based, and includes smelling essential oils for stress relief. The last station offered is for physical wellness. They have yoga mats and a sheet of yoga poses. They also provide a pillow for students to either take a nap or use for meditations and yoga.

With all of the extra stress that comes with end of semester finals, it can be a busy time for campus resources like The Tap Room.

“We do see a lot of influxes in our outreach programs during finals and midterms,” McGuire said.

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