Roster fluctuation for the Cyclones


Junior Andrew Sorenson attempts a take down on Minnesota’s Cody Yohn during the meet on Sunday. Sorenson beat Yohn with a score of 9-7.

Jake Calhoun

Chris Drouin was listed on the ISU roster as active, even though he was dressed in street clothes when the teams came out of the tunnel at Sunday’s dual meet against Minnesota.

By the time the 141-pound match came around, the Cyclones forfeited, giving six points to the Golden Gophers, who won, 26-13, at Hilton Coliseum.

The Temecula, Calif., native can’t be put on the mat, because his medical file is getting longer.

“He actually dislocated his finger, it was pointing the other way or pointing sideways, and he also got a concussion at the Nationals Duals,” said coach Kevin Jackson. “He has not responded to the test and he keeps failing the concussion test. So with him failing the concussion test, we can’t put him out there.”

The Cyclones only have one other 141-pounder, but Jackson said he is reluctant to put him out there as of right now.

“Our depth is pretty lean at 141, we have a freshman [Luke Goettl], but I’m not willing to pull him out of redshirt for one match or two matches,” Jackson said.

Nate Carr Jr. was also absent from the starting lineup for the Cyclones, but Jackson said the reason for this was more disciplinary than anything.

“He has to be able to make weight three days in a row, not just one day in a row,” Jackson said of his 149-pounder. “And right now, he has not been disciplined with his diet as we’d like to see for him to be able to perform two, three days in a row.”

As of right now, Jackson said he plans on keeping Carr Jr., a senior, as the starter at 149 pounds. However, Jackson said, “Everything is in question right now,” as to what will happen at that weight class.

Sophomore Max Mayfield stepped in for Carr Jr. in the dual meet against Minnesota, losing in a 6-2 decision.

Simonson named starter at heavyweight for now

Kyle Simonson has been named the starter at heavyweight over Matt Gibson. Jackson said Simonson has out-performed Gibson so far in the battle for the starting spot, but that has not been the only factor playing into the decision.

“Gibson, I think he’s just having a hard time transitioning,” Jackson said. “He’s had several injuries and I think he’s just had a tough time adjusting to Division I academics and athletics.”

Simonson, a native of Algona, is 19-5 this season, including a 4-0 showing at the NWCA Cliff Keen National Duals in early January.

However, Gibson out-performed Simonson at the Midlands Championships, landing one win away from placing at the two-day tournament in Evanston, Ill. Simonson was eliminated one match shy of reaching the second day of the tournament after getting pinned in the fourth consolation round by Michigan State’s Mike McClure.

Jackson said the two will continue to train together and he will continue to evaluate each of them.

Mistake-prone Sorenson battles injury

Andrew Sorenson continued to wow the crowd at Hilton Coliseum despite nursing an ankle injury he has been battling all season.

Without any feeling of doubt or weakness, Sorenson rallied from a 7-3 deficit with two takedowns and two escapes to pull off the 9-7 victory over seventh-ranked Cody Yohn to give the crowd something to cheer about on an otherwise-demoralizing afternoon for the cardinal and gold.

However, Jackson still pointed out that it was the sloppiest match he has seen out of Sorenson all season.

“He made several mistakes in that match,” Jackson said of his 165-pounder. “He didn’t finish the single-leg [attack]. I mean, we want to be 100 percent on our single-leg finishes.”

Sorenson agrees that it was not his best match.

“I was kind of stumbling around,” Sorenson said. “It’s just weakened positions, and [Yohn] is kind of a funky kid and I ended up getting in those positions a lot this match. I need to make sure I get to my finishes a lot quicker and then I won’t get in those positions.”