campus SaVE act

Kaitlin York

On Dec. 1, Security on Campus, Inc. announced its endorsement of the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, according to a news release from ???.

“It seems that many of the mandates are things that ISU is already doing,” said Elliot Florer, police sergeant for the ISU Department of Public Safety.

The Campus SaVE Act was introduced by Congressmen Thomas Perriello (D-VA) and John J. Duncan (R-Tenn.) and has the potential to help campuses across the United States better prevent sexual assault and other forms of intimate partner violence, as indicated in the release.

“I think it will help clear up some of the reporting responsibilities and the responder’s responsibilities. The Jeanne Clery Act has been around for quite some time and it’s had improvements and amendments added to it, but this new act will hopefully be an improvement in our response to clarify where we must, where we could and where we do not have to respond,” said Penny Rice, director of the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center.

According to the SOC website, this act will update the 18 year old provisions in the federal Jeanne Clery Act to cover a more inclusive range of intimate violence including stalking, dating violence, sexual violence or domestic violence in addition to sexual assault.