Students arrested near Beta Theta Pi

Kaitlin York

Warren Hylton, freshman in aerospace engineering, and Jordan Babler, freshman in hospitality management, were arrested Tuesday at Beta Theta Pi and charged with burglary, said Cmdr. Mike Brennan of the Ames Police Department.

Hylton was arrested for third-degree burglary, public intoxication and assault while participating in a felony. Officers witnessed Hylton lying on the roof, who then proceeded running back through the fraternity and out into the parking lot, according to Hylton’s affidavit.

In Hylton’s front pocket was a cell phone belonging to one of the residents of Beta Theta Pi and Hylton admitted he had attempted to steal a Macbook laptop that was left on the roof.

Hylton smelled strongly of alcohol and had poor balance and coordination, according to his affidavit. Before being placed in handcuffs, Hylton kicked at officer Ryan Hauge, who later suffered a sore right knee. Hylton was transported to the Story County Sheriff’s Office.

Babler was arrested and charged with burglary. He was spotted walking away from the fraternity through the parking lot and told Ames Officer Steve Spoon he was walking home from Stanton to Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

After releasing Babler from the scene, Spoon reviewed the statements and noticed someone had seen a second suspect walk out of Beta Theta Pi. Babler was contacted at his home and Mirandized before admitting he had entered the home, after checking the doors and windows, with the purpose of stealing computers, pencils and other items. Babler agreed to turn over several pencils, a calculator and ping-pong ball he had in his pockets from the fraternity.

Babler was then transported to the Story County Sheriff’s Office.

“Some of the fraternities and sororities are easy to enter and don’t have much security,” Brennan said. “In such a casual environment, it’s up to them whether or not they take measures to have better security.”