At least one student involved in Lincoln Way head-on collision


Photo: Logan Gaedke/Iowa State Daily

A worker from Elmquist Towing Co. cleans up debris left behind after a Dodge Dakota (pictured) collided with a minivan on Sunday, Sept. 19 at the intersection of Lincoln Way and South Dakota. The driver of the minivan was treated by medical officials.

Torey Robinson

A collision resulting in an injury and involving at least one ISU student stopped eastbound traffic Sunday afternoon on Lincoln Way at the South Dakota Avenue intersection.

A blue Dodge Dakota and a Dodge minivan hit head-on while traveling on Lincoln Way, said Ames Police officer Cole Hitten. 

“I’m sure the weather contributed a little bit to the accident,” Hitten said. “There’s slick roads, and some people can’t slow their speed in time to at least lessen the damage of the impact.”

The driver of the van, whose identity has not been released, was treated by medical officials, Hitten said. 

“He may have been a student,” Hitten said. “I can’t be sure.”

Nicholas Mann, senior in construction engineering, was the driver of the Dakota.

“We hit head on,” Mann said after the collision. “I was westbound on Lincoln Way … turning southbound onto South Dakota.” 

Hitten confirmed that the Dakota was traveling westbound and moving from the turn lane when the vehicles collided. 

Mann said the light had just turned yellow when he began his turn. 

A Kum and Go employee said he estimated the accident to have occurred at 3:10 p.m., shortly after his shift began.