Avoid the stress and enjoy Iowa State

Julia Meehan

The school year is coming to a close but there is still time to create memories as a Cyclone to last a lifetime. Become a true Iowa Stater before you graduate by keeping your mind off of reality and relish the weeks you have left as a student.  

Visit and tour Reiman Gardens with your roommate, loved one, a group of friends or by yourself. Reiman Gardens is a famous, living horticulture garden with a wide variety of plants, insects and works of art and architecture. Iowa State students get in free, along with complimentary Wi-Fi, so it is a perfect study spot or to do the opposite and disconnect from the chaos and enjoy the scenery.

“Walking into the gardens has this aroma of peacefulness,” said McKenna Reedy, a freshman in industrial engineering. “There are benches and other seating all around the gardens making it a great place to study. There is a feeling of warm weather, which boosts your energy.”

Other possible ways you can distress from exams and projects is joining in on a group fitness class. You can start the day with sunrise yoga, relax with mindful meditation, take out your anger with cardio kickboxing or enjoy the moment with dance party.

If you are not in the mood to work out, find two trees on Central Campus and hang a hammock. Hammocking on the front lawn is a great way to unwind by reading a book or listening to your favorite playlist of music, along with taking in the beauty of Iowa State’s scenery. 

“Hammocking is an awesome way to not have to exert more energy in order to be outdoors,” said Mallory Picl, sophomore in geology. “I love it because I can take a break from studying and relax outside in my hammock.” 

Grab brunch or a cup of coffee at Arcadia or Stomping Grounds, which are located on Welch Avenue. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, the soups, sandwiches, espresso drinks and teas with a group of people. These coffeehouses are a fun alternative spot to study for exams or to finish a project with your classmates.

Instead of studying at a table in Parks Library, study in the tiers. You may get lost trying to find them because they are hidden but it is a quiet spot to focus in on your classes.

“Personally, I study in my dorm room because I am surrounded by familiar things and it keeps me concentrated,” said Morgan Powell, freshman in animal science. “You could change up the scenery by studying in the den on your floor.”

The seasons have passed, and it’s too late to experience Hilton Magic and Jack Trice Stadium. However, you can catch a game of softball and support the team on their home field these next few weeks.

For those who are about to graduate, you still have time to experience Iowa State to the max by requesting a song to be played at the Campanile at noon. Consider taking a stroll around Lake Laverne or do the nearly naked mile. For the freshman, hit up all the dining centers and use all of those dining dollars at the C-Stores before you never have a meal plan again.  

Make the most of these last few weeks by cherishing the campus traditions, taking in the unique scenery and acting as a true Iowa Stater.