Bonuses eliminated for state university presidents

Chelsea Davis

ISU President Gregory Geoffroy and UNI President Ben Allen will not receive bonuses this year, the Board of Regents decided Thursday.

University of Iowa President Sally Mason will receive a 3.3 percent increase to her base salary of $450,000, who has not seen a pay increase since her beginning in 2007.

After much public criticism stemming from the presidents being offered bonuses last year during severe budget cuts, Regents President David Miles said the criticism played a role in their decision, according to the Des Moines Register.


Gregory Geoffroy: salary of $423,316 per year unchanged; $50,000 bonus eliminated

Sally Mason: increase of salary from $450,000 to $465,000 per year; $80,000 bonus eliminated

Ben Allen: salary of $320,000 per year unchanged; $25,000 bonus eliminated

Information courtesy of the Des Moines Register and the Daily Iowan.