Three suspects arrested in connection to Ames robbery, stabbing


An Iowa State Police officer at a traffic stop on Union Drive. 

Devyn Leeson

Three suspects have been arrested in correlation with a robbery and stabbing that happened Wednesday night, according to Ames police.

Officers originally arrived at the scene in response to a call there had been an ongoing fight on the 1100 block of Grand Avenue, but those involved in the conflict were unable to be found according to a press release from the city of Ames.

A follow-up investigation from police resulted in three men being charged and arrested. According to the press release, Tyrrell R. Scheuermann, 22, was charged with 1st degree robbery, a class “B” felony; Gustaf R. Carlson, 45, was charged with 2nd degree robbery, a class “C” felony and 1st degree harassment, an aggravated misdemeanor; Jason R. Darland, 22, was charged with  2nd degree robbery, a class “C” felony.

After being transported to Mary Greeley Medical Center, the victim told police “he was assaulted by several men on Grand Avenue and then stabbed in the abdomen.”

The victim was release from the hospital on April 11, according to the press release.

The investigation into the incidents is ongoing and the Ames Police Department asks anyone who may have additional information call them at 515-239-5133 or their anonymous tip line at 515-239-5533.