Orientation Guide: Iowa State bucket list


David Boschwitz/Iowa State Daily

Students kiss under the fireworks on campus at midnight on Oct. 27 for Mass Campaniling, a long-standing Iowa State tradition, during Homecoming 2018.

Kirstie Martin

While you’re at Iowa State, there will be many opportunities for you to try new things and go out of your comfort zone.

In the beginning, all these opportunities may overwhelm you. Although it is impossible to do everything in four years, there are some things that some say you must do while you are here to get the true Cyclone experience.

Taylor Lyons, senior in supply chain management, said it’s important for students to experience all sporting events because of how magical the Iowa State fan base is.

“Make sure to experience these events to the fullest by dressing in the appropriate attire and tailgating,” Lyons said. 

However, not all must-do things are located on campus.

“Go to the High Trestle Trail Bridge at night,” Kyle Miner, senior in chemistry, said.

While it may seem cliche, attending at least one of the various fairs and campus events is also a must.

“Hit up a Study Abroad Fair,” Emily Nejdl, junior in industrial engineering, said. “You never know, it may be right for you. Studying abroad is super fun.”

Iowa State student bucket list:

  • Attend one event in each sport
  • Tailgate
  • Win an intramural champion shirt (or try to)
  • Participate in Dance Marathon
  • Go Campaniling
  • Go to an ISU AfterDark
  • Learn the words to “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond
  • Find the albino squirrel
  • Do the Curtiss to Beardshear Run
  • Eat a Superdog
  • Take a picture with Lancelot and Elaine
  • Take a picture in front of the Campanile
  • Attend Destination Iowa State
  • Eat at every dining center on campus
  • Join a club or organization
  • Go to the Cyclone Cinema
  • Go to the Study Abroad Fair or one of the various job fairs
  • Go hammocking by Lake Laverne
  • Go to Ledges State Park
  • Attend the CyHawk football game
  • Eat a Clone Cone
  • Avoid the Zodiac
  • Eat at Hickory Park
  • Take a picture by the Christmas tree
  • Learn/sing the fight song
  • Find your study spot
  • Get on the big screen at a sporting event
  • Spend a summer in Ames
  • Do homework on Central Campus