Who wore what to The Fashion Show 2019

Top: Dear SocietySkirt: AsosBoots: ZaraEarrings: The Style Bar BoutiqueJordynn Formaro-Schaeffer, a senior in apparel, merchandising and design

Julia Meehan

Over the last 37 years, The Fashion Show has showcased the creativity and of Iowa State students through the work and help of almost 150 committee members, 75 student designers and 50 models. With this year’s theme, “from coast to coast” and guest designer Vans’ “Off The Wall” youthful culture, Iowa State students brought their bold and original style to the audience as well as on the runway.

“I love seeing the hard work done by student designers and then see their work on display for a sold-out crowd,” said Nick Battles, a junior in global resource systems. “I am excited to see the set design because typically it is a big surprise every year. I cannot wait for what Vans has to bring to the show, the culture of Vans is so cool to me.”

As one of the biggest student-run fashion shows in the nation with an annual sellout crowd of 2,500, The Fashion Show influences guests to express themselves. All who attended had the opportunity to dress like they were hitting up the town for the night and many were inspired by the latest fashion trends of prints, textures and colors.  

“A lot of celebrities are wearing power suits, so I thought it would be really cool to standout in that aspect rather than wearing a jumpsuit or a dress,” said Kayla MacRae, a senior in apparel, merchandising and design. “I have never worn a full suit before, but I am really excited to wear one because they are in and it is something different.”

The womenswear trending among the guests were animal prints of cheetah and snake, sequins, neon colors and tailored suits. The looks were unique and vivid with the various patterns, textures and colors.

“Snake print is super trendy right now so that was one reason why I went with a snake print skirt, but I also love classy pieces that I can dress up and down,” said Jordynn Formaro-Schaeffer, senior in apparel, merchandising and design.

Guests wore accessories such as stacked rings and layered necklaces, along with statement barrettes. One thing to take from the runway and the guests of The Fashion Show is that belt bags are back. Guests tied their whole look together with classic sneakers, white booties and power heels.

The menswear common among the attendees of The Fashion Show ranged from those dressed up or down. Some were styling denim jackets with graphic tees while others wore a blazer with a dress shirt. The choice of color tones with menswear were muted and monochromatic.  

“I like to see how the school incorporates the different facets of fashion, design, marketing and public relations programs all into one,” Taylor Disch, an Iowa State alumna said.

Everyone dressed fit to kill with their own styles for the night to witness the one-of-a-kind work designed by the students of The Fashion Show.