‘Fruitcakes’ begins final weekend at ACTORS

Julia Ferrell

The lighthearted family play “Fruitcakes” touches on serious family relationships.

The main character, Jamie, “is your stereotypical teenager — he’s always mad at his parents,” said Jack Sanders, who portrays Jamie.

Jamie runs away from home after problems with his father.

While Mack, the local fix-it man, assists Jamie in fixing his relationship to his mother and father, he is led to heal his own broken relationship.

“Mack tries to fix everyone’s problems and give them advice while he has problems with his own son, and Jamie is trying to find something better in his life and doesn’t know what he wants,” said Dean Stevens, director of the play.

Now in it’s third and final week, “Fruitcakes” is playing at ACTORS, 120 Abraham Drive.

Casting Jamie and Mack required both serious and comical actors, and Stevens felt confident in his choices.

The two lead actors, Walt Hermanson and Sanders, are both ACTORS veterans. Hermanson has performed in numerous shows, both in Story City and Ames, since 1986, and Sanders has starred in productions of “Peter Pan,” “High School Musical” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” in which he played the lead.

“I’ve worked with both of them, and I know what they are capable of,” Stevens said. “This whole cast has put in a lot of work.”

The play, written by Julian Wiles, features a wide range of eccentric characters varying from human to Labrador retriever. Upon Jamie’s running away from home, he steals a local woman’s fruitcake. He is taken in by the town’s Mr. Fix-it, Mack, and they try to find Jamie’s way home. On the way, they encounter various adventures around the town.


When: 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday

Where: ACTORS, 120 Abraham Drive

Cost: $15

“Fruitcakes,” written by Julian Wiles, takes place during Christmas at McCord’s Ferry, S.C., where a child named Jamie has run away from home. He finds shelter in Mack’s Whirligig Emporium and, after stealing a fruitcake, is taken under Mack’s wing as the man tries to find Jamie’s way home. “Fruitcakes” is a story of alienation, understanding and reconciliation. The show is directed by Dean Stevens, tech directed by Jim Wilcox and produced by Emily Thurmaier and Jane Kennedy-Funk.