The Fashion Show 2019 goes coast-to-coast with energetic theme, Vans collaboration


A model shows off an outfit from the collection ‘Ocean Trash’ by Natalie Jacobson, Paige Novachek and Andrew Millsap during The Fashion Show at Iowa State’s Stephens Auditorium on April 13. The Fashion Show has been held annually for the past 37 years.

Morgan Durick

Through student-designed pieces, a collaboration with guest designer Vans and a variety of student models, The Fashion Show 2019 took audience members “from coast to coast” Saturday night.

To start the evening, guests were welcomed at Stephens Auditorium with a red carpet complete with photo booths, photographers, concessions and a viewing gallery.

The gallery held more designer’s collection plans and pieces as well as the ‘Trashion Show’ exhibit. For the ‘Trashion Show,’ a project presented by AESHM 222 students, students researched an issue that impacts the environment and created a design only using recycled materials to educate and encourage others to make sustainable choices. The “Stop Over Consumption” exhibit won the people’s choice award.

As 7 p.m grew closer, the halls grew crowded and the auditorium began to fill.

 “I’m really excited to see all the different things that student designers bring to the table just because I know that it’s probably going to be a really versatile show since it’s not one designer,” said Kendra Esau, freshman in apparel, merchandising and design. “I’m really excited to see stuff from people with multiple different tastes and I’m also really excited to see the Vans guest designers, especially just because I love vans and I thinks it’s great that we got to partner with them for the show.”

The night began with emcees Olivia Hanson, senior in apparel, merchandising and design and journalism and mass communications, and Austin Anderson, a senior in journalism and mass communications.

As the show started, the auditorium was filled with west coast vibes as upbeat music pumped through the room and neon string, resembling light beams, took over the stage and monochromatic glitter lined the floor of the set.

More than 30 collections were displayed in the first half as models walked down the runway sporting L.A. inspired hair and makeup.

Outreach producers Emma Kachelmeyer and Hannah Harnack then introduced The Fashion Show 2019 guest designer, Vans.

They acknowledged company representatives including recruiter Katie Essex, apparel merchandiser Lynda Castillo, apparel designer James McCahon, and two footwear designers and Iowa State alum, Jared Harmon and Derek Huenecke.

The Vans 2019 collection was filled with bright colors, trendy bags, fanny packs, muted beanies and the company’s iconic black and white checkered pattern. 

After intermission, The Fashion Show 2019 took a turn for the east coast as sounds of metal clanging and a rustled subway system intercom filled the auditorium and the curtain opened to a new set.

White, black rimmed, cubes filled the stage as bright, geometrical art canvases hung as a backdrop. 

‘The Architect,’ a student collection by Kamber Elyse, Hailey Vollbrecht, and Abigail Goeser, also had a model with disabilities showcase a piece in a wheelchair.

The show concluded with scholarship winners and awards. The winning design entries will be on display in the the Mary Alice Gallery in Morrill Hall. The gallery exhibit opens Wednesday May 1.