The Superior Six: Coffee shops in Ames you didn’t know about


Cafe Milo is a locally owned Ames cafe that welcomes customers in with a homey atmosphere and changing menu.

Courtney Lampman

Whether you’re a first year student who has a hard time getting up for that 8 a.m. class or a fifth year student pulling through to finish the degree you’ve been hard at work for, caffeine has probably been your ally a time or two.

More specifically, the chances of you ordering a coffee at least once in your student life are pretty high. So where are the best places in Ames to get coffee? In a poll recently conducted and geared at Iowa State Daily Twitter followers, Starbucks was voted best coffee in Ames. Why stop at Starbucks though? Here’s a list of the top local coffee shops in Ames and the quirks that make them unique.

Cafe Milo: This cafe is located in West Ames. This location makes Milo a great before-class coffee spot. With its calming throwback tunes, central fireplace to create a soft ambience and artisanal feel, you’re sure to feel at home. Ordering here is a breeze as baristas bring your order out to you. Parking here is free and a small latte will cost you around $3.

Morning Bell Coffee Roasters: This shop is located on Main Street. With a super modernized atmosphere, this cafe is perfect for hipsters. The shop also specializes in pour-overs and nitro brews, and features an espresso and lemonade concoction if you’re feeling brave. Morning Bell recently went under construction, creating even more seating for student needs. If you want to try something new and different, this shop should be on your must-try list. A basic latte will cost you around $4.

Cafe Diem: This cafe is also located on Main Street. If you have a test coming up and are sick of Parks Library, Diem is calling your name. With lots of seating and a quiet environment, Diem is great for concentrated studying. Be sure to go to Diem with a fully charged laptop as outlets are pretty sparse. A basic latte will cost you around $3.50.

Stomping Grounds: Located on Welch, this cafe is one of the best places to stop during class breaks due to its location. With a large food menu and an espresso bar, you can get a bite to eat while getting your caffeine fix. This shop also features outside seating to curb your cabin fever. A basic latte here will cost you around $3.30.

Arcadia: Located on Welch as well, Arcadia creates some serious competition with Stomping Grounds. Arcadia offers a wide spread of breakfast, brunch, lunch and even dinner options. Arcadia also features a full bar, which is perfect for 21+ students. They also boast daily baked goods, perfect for a light breakfast or afternoon brain boosting snack. A basic latte here will cost you around $3.50.

Vinyl Cafe: Located on Kellogg Ave, this cafe features coffee and thousands of vinyl records to browse through and buy. If you’re into records and need a study break, this place is calling your name. A basic latte here will cost you around $3.60.

So whether Starbucks is still your go-to with its convenient location and trustworthy coffee sourcing or this article has you convinced to try a new spot, get to sipping.