The Fashion Show managerial producers succeed through teamwork


Courtesy of Grace Rosson

The four producers of the 2019 Fashion Show are (from left to right) Hannah Harnack, Emma Kachelmeyer, Grace Rosson and Sydney Lawrence. Lawrence and Rosson are the managerial producers and Kachelmeyer and Harnack are the outreach producers.

Morgan Durick

Teamwork plays a crucial role for the managerial and outreach producers to guarantee overall success of The Fashion Show. 

Managerial producers Sydney Lawrence and Grace Rosson work with the 36 directors of the show and all of the committee members in addition to overseeing a majority of the show’s planning.

Lawrence and Rosson work alongside outreach producers, Emma Kachelmeyer and Hannah Harnack, though they have differing roles. As outreach producers, Kachelmeyer and Harnack work with outside sources, donor relations and help in securing this year’s guest designer, VANS.

Lawrence and Rosson have worked closely all year as the managerial producers and feel they make a great team.

“We balance each other out,” Rosson, senior in apparel merchandising and design, said. “[Lawrence] knows all the auxiliary events that feed into the show and I know all the backstage operations so it helps when we are trying to help our director teams.”

Lawrence, also a senior in apparel merchandising and design, and Rosson have stayed busy with the weekly Wednesday night director’s meeting, office hours, meetings with adviser Sarah Bennett and making themselves available to attend other events.

This year, they have made it a point to advertise and grow student interest and participation in the show.

“Though [The Fashion Show] resides in the College of Human Sciences and heavily in AMD [Apparel, Merchandising and Design], that’s something that we are trying to break that misconception like anyone can join,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence and Rosson said they are very excited about the “Coast to Coast” theme and that it is different from anything that has been done before.

“I think it’s the first year we are doing something bold and it’s more youthful which relates to our audience more,” Lawrence said. “It really does like empower our youth.”

Rosson and Lawrence said they have learned a lot in the role of managerial producers including public speaking skills, learning how to better communication and trusting your gut. They said they have loved working with the directors and committee members and are thankful for everyone’s hard work.

“That’s kinda cool to see people kinda come into their own and seeing the directors grow as people and leaders,” Rosson said. “It really shows the purpose of the organization is to build and grow leaders that are going to be in the industry very soon.”

Rosson and Lawrence said they are excited to see all the hard work come to fruition Saturday and encourage everyone to keep checking social media for upcoming news about the show.

The Fashion Show 2019 will be at 7 p.m. Saturday in Stephens Auditorium. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster or at the Stephens Auditorium Ticket Office.