Week 11 picks: 3-way tie for first

Editor’s note: Sports Editor Nick Paulson is a guest this week, picking for Luke Plansky.

Pat Brown

Gridiron editor, 60-26 (8-2)

Luke Plansky

Sports reporter, 60-26 (10-0)

Kyle Oppenhuizen

Sports editor, 60-26 (10-0)

Chris Conetzkey

Online editor, 56-30 (7-3)

Colorado vs.Iowa State

Pat: Iowa State – Thanks for the memories, boys. The so-close-to-glory memories.

Kyle: Iowa State – Send the seniors out with a win, the marching band seniors as well.

Luke: Iowa State – Winning streak? What the heck is a winning streak?

Chris: Iowa State – But now that I picked them, I bet they lose. I’ve bet against Iowa State three times, and they have won twice.

Kansas vs. Oklahoma State

Pat: Kansas – Did Mangino eat the rock, the chalk and the Jayhawk?

Kyle: Kansas – Setting themselves up for the letdown of the season in a week.

Luke: Kansas – Is Kansas the new Florida? Basketball and football in the same season is a possibility.

Chris: Kansas – I have twice picked Oklahoma State in upset games, only to see them blow a huge fourth-quarter lead and lose. Not this time.

Illinois vs. Ohio State

Pat: Ohio State – God, I hate the Buckeyes.

Kyle: Ohio State – Me too.

Luke: Illinois – The best time to play Ohio State is the week before they play Michigan.

Chris: Ohio State – I just want to go on record, and say I have made all my own picks this year. Luke, Pat . you should be ashamed to have have collected wins.

Auburn vs. Georgia

Pat: Georgia – Tough game, though.

Kyle: Auburn – Pulls off the slight road upset.

Luke: Auburn – Don’t really care, but for some reason I don’t like Georgia.

Chris: Georgia – Although I really thought it was classless what they did when their entire team rushed the field to celebrate a first-quarter touchdown against Florida.

Michigan vs. Wisconsin

Pat: Michigan – Road to redemption, nearly complete. M Go Blue!

Kyle: Wisconsin – Wisconsin is a good team and will be inspired by the Packers’ 7-1 start.

Luke: Michigan – Wisconsin might be the least deserving team ever, besides Notre Dame, of its preseason ranking.

Chris: Michigan – I still have them in a Big Ten deciding final game with Ohio State.

Texas Tech vs. Texas

Pat: Texas – Not sure why I’m picking this one.

Kyle: Texas – Way to stand by your decisions.

Luke: Texas – How long with the Red Raiders be content with scoring points but still losing?

Chris: Texas – They just wiggled off the hook last week.

Minnesota vs. Iowa

Pat: Iowa – Even the Hawkeyes can’t blow this one. I hope they do.

Kyle: Iowa – If Drew Tate would come back Iowa would find a way to lose. Take that Chris.

Luke: Minnesota – This is the week the Gophers turn it around.

Chris: Iowa – Kyle, leave the Iowa bashing to Drew Tate himself. I don’t think he will ever go back judging by his attitude toward the program he displayed in a Des Moines Register column.

Wake Forest vs. Clemson

Pat: Wake Forest – Tough call.

Kyle: Clemson – Wake Forest will make it close in Death Valley.

Luke: Wake Forest – Clemson always loses games late in the season to ruin its good bowl chances.

Chris: Clemson – They have had a nice little run, but they haven’t played anybody. I’m going with them because they are at home.

USC vs. Cal

Pat: Cal – This one may hurt me in the standings, but c’mon, THE BAND IS ON THE FIELD!

Kyle: USC – Yes Pat, this one will hurt you in the standings.

Luke: Cal – Just the thought of USC losing three games in a season gets me excited.

Chris: Cal – Only because I am four games back, and need to try and pick up a game on Kyle.

Arizona State vs. UCLA

Pat: Arizona State – Sun Devils regain their composure.

Kyle: Arizona State – No Ducks on the schedule this week.

Luke: Arizona State – What the heck happened to UCLA? Weren’t they supposed to be good or something?

Chris: Arizona State – UCLA lost to Notre Dame earlier this year.