Cycle and sing along to American Idol


Kylie Kost/Iowa State Daily

Iowa State students take part in one of Recreation Services cycling classes.

Mary Valentine

After a week of being empty while students are relaxing on the beach or with family and friends, the gym can be crowded after spring break. Time off of school for spring break is typically followed by motivation, especially motivation to hit the gym and get our summer bodies in gear.

Iowa State Recreation Services created a new workout class to help students feel healthy while having an enjoyable workout experience at the same time: American Idol Cycle.

Iowa State students cycled their way through Colton and Cassie’s love story during Monday night Bachelor Cycling classes, now it’s time to spin, surge, and circuit to find out who America’s next greatest singer is.

Iowa State students should be especially excited to watch American Idol this season after Iowa native, Maddie Poppe won last year. 

Ashley Artist, Fitness Coordinator for Recreation Services explained why they chose to do an American Idol Cycle class.

 “What we realized is the enjoyment is that it’s live TV it’s not something that you’ve already seen, and you’re watching it with other people so you can talk about what is going on,” Artist said.

Students will be cycling from 7-9 pm every Monday while watching contestants sing their way to a golden ticket and beyond.

“We decided to try American Idol this time and see if that really picks up,” Artist said. “And there are I don’t know if it’s completely full for tonight but 17 of the 20 spots are already full so that’s good.”

You can sign up for American Idol Cycle on the recreational services website (