EDITORIAL: Cubs disappoint. . . again

We are nearly one week away from the Chicago Cubs’ disappointingly quick exit from the 2007 Major League Baseball postseason. Yet, surprisingly, the pain that is supposed to accompany a playoff loss just isn’t there.

That’s downright unusual for a Cubs fan. Do you remember the 2003 postseason? What Cub fan doesn’t? Sorry for unearthing the painful memories that accompanied that wretched series. That season, the Cubs were so close to going to the World Series – five outs away, for those who don’t remember – that it hurt when they were eliminated.

Once again, apologies for the details, but looking back on it, at least there was something to feel – even if it was the pain that rendered you motionless on your knees for 30 minutes while you fought back the tears.

That playoff run had drama. People attached themselves to the team and hung on to every pitch. There were two-out, bottom-of-the-ninth, game-tying home runs, crushing defeats and most of all, spine-tingling standing ovations from Wrigley Field fans in almost every inning. Watch the replay on YouTube and you’ll remember.

This year, there were boos.

Three games and it was over. There weren’t any great moments, things to cheer about, or ever enough runs to even make it exciting. The Cubs’ three best hitters – Alfonso Soriano, Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez – combined for zero – zero – runs batted in.

It was disappointing. It was almost as if we were cheated out of our playoff experience.

2003 gave us memories; 2007 didn’t. It may sound crazy, but given the choice, we’d take 2003. Then again, Cubs fans will just do what they do best – wait until next year.