Cardio for Colton: Students cycle in Bachelor-themed class


Courtney Lampman/Iowa State Daily

The Iowa State Recreation Services hosted a Bachelor cycling night for the finale Monday in Old State Gym.

Courtney Lampman

While scrolling through Twitter, or any social media, it’s evident that ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ has people going mad. From “jumping the fence” to the touchy subject of Colton’s virginity, this season has been filled with crazy turns and shocking reveals.

Many college-aged students take Bachelor Monday to cozy up, eat some snacks and watch the drama unfold. However, ISU cycling instructor Tori Sajovec is stationed at State Gym, instructing an effective but fun cycling class while watching the show.

Sajovec, a senior in dietetics, uses stationary bikes, resistance bands and mats for floor work to orchestrate “The Bachelor Cycle.” While two hours of a fitness class may seem like a daunting task, Sajovec says otherwise.

“The exercise is never too much at one point. You’re burning so many calories from doing so many different things, all while being distracted by a great show,” Sajovec said.

Students in the class take the show very seriously and enjoy bonding over contestants they love and, more importantly, ones they don’t love.

“A really good aspect of Bachelor Cycle is that students truly make friends, it’s like a community. They come to the gym to watch it because maybe their roommates don’t like it as much,” Sajovec said.

Ashley Artist, the fitness coordinator for Iowa State Recreation Services, talks about the Bachelor Cycle classes’ conception and how it came to life.

“I like to take student and instructor ideas and see if we can make them happen — why not give them a try? This was an idea that was too good to pass up,” Artist said.“The Bachelor Cycle has been extremely successful, averaging 19 people every Monday.”

With this class average, the Bachelor Cycle has boasted a top three spot in highest attendance.

Credit is also due to Ashley Jones, a senior in event management. Jones noticed a screen and projector one day while instructing a spin class and the idea came to life with the help of Youtube TV, which streams the program.

Jones reminisced back to teaching the class, laughing about the trial and error while creating a perfect class.

“It was hard to get a routine down at first that didn’t make people dead at the end,” Jones said.

The class soon evolved into a great way to get exercise while having fun and getting your drama fix. Emi Skogerson, a senior and an avid attendee this season, talked about her commitment to the class.

“The bachelor class is so different. I cycle for RAGBRAI, and it’s kind of like that. It’s not super intense and we’re just here to have a good time,” Skogerson said.

Jenny Junker, a senior in apparel, merchandising and design, chimed in, shared her experience with the class.

“It’s such a good community. I feel like I’ve made friends because we’re all dedicated to this show and the class,” Junker said.