Residence hall policies: No change for weekend

Jennifer Nacin

Officials from the Department of Residence said residence hall policies will remain unchanged over the weekend that would have held Veishea activities.

Residence hall policies have been changed in the past for Veishea weekends — like alcohol policies and visitor and guest weekend registration — but will not be altered for this weekend, residence hall officials said.

Todd Holcomb, associate vice president for student affairs and interim director of the residence department, said there is no reason to change or modify residence hall policies for this weekend.

“Generally we did not have problems last year in the residence halls,” Holcomb said. “My thinking is that why would we want to do something different?”

He said because the department and other organizations on campus are offering a wide array of campus activities this month, the only residence hall change has been the call for additional available staff to help with the “This is Your April” events.

Thomas Hill, vice president for student affairs, said even though there are numerous events during April such as Greek Week, changes were not made to policies for those events and should not be changed for any other events or weekends during the year.

“I think specifically there should be no changes in policy because there is no Veishea this year,” Hill said.

He said officials are studying the policies for Veishea 2006 and plan to continue to discuss what policies like the alcohol policy would look like. Planning and preparation are also important to keep anything “out of the ordinary” from happening.

Ginny Arthur, associate director of residence life, said the absence of Veishea is the reason for no modifications to residence hall policies this weekend.

“There have been no discussions of changing regulations — the regulations were tied to Veishea. Since we’re not having Veishea there is no reason to change the regulations we have in place,” Arthur said.

She said previous changes in policy were because of different expectations from the administration during Veishea. She said she was not aware of talk to modify policies for Veishea 2006.

“The idea would be for students to treat Veishea as a positive activity, behave appropriately and enjoy the activity without additional regulations,” she said.

Drew Larson, former Inter-Residence Hall Association president, said he thinks the best course of action for this weekend is to keep campus policies consistent.

He said while he was working on the Veishea commission, people were concerned with keeping policies the same since it punished behavior they already wanted to avoid.

Kenneth Ryerson, Friley representative for the Union Drive Association Student Government senate, agreed there is no reason to change policies for a weekend with no events equal to the magnitude of Veishea.

“I don’t think we need to protect against something that isn’t going to happen, as in another riot situation,” Ryerson said.