Merged college holds forum, gathers opinions on mission

Jennifer Nacin

A name and mission for the proposed combination of the Colleges of Education and Family and Consumer Sciences is now a step closer to being decided.

A public forum Monday, sponsored by the Planning Committee for the Combination of the Colleges of Education and Family and Consumer Sciences, allowed for discussion of the pros and cons of current proposed mission, core values and four proposed college names.

More than 50 ISU alumni, faculty, staff and students attended the forum.

Susan Carlson, associate provost and facilitator of the planning committee, said that out of the four proposed college names, Education, Family and Consumer Sciences is in the lead, followed by Education and Human Sciences. An online poll that allows visitors to vote on the possible college name will be open until 5 p.m. Wednesday by accessing the committee’s Web site.

“We wanted to be sure that no one’s opinion was lost,” Carlson said.

Carlson said it has been a good move to make this poll available to the public because it gives those currently at Iowa State and alumni a chance to voice their opinions.

Attendees expressed a variety of concerns and comments about the possible names and mission statement.

Unity of the two colleges, true representation of the departments’ professions and accurately portrayed identity were some of the concerns that attendees discussed.

Melissa Wilmarth, junior in family and consumer sciences, said she thought the process is well on its way but feels more student input is needed.

Mary Linnenbrink, senior in family and consumer sciences and member of the Name and Mission Work Group, said it’s important students have an interest in this topic because it will affect their educational experience.

“This will be the name on their diplomas,” Linnenbrink said. “They need to think about this.”

Linnenbrink said there is a possibility that a more student-friendly environment may be created by the Name and Mission Work Group as a way to gather more student input.

Carlson said after the polls close and results from the polls and the forum are analyzed, a report will be compiled by the Name and Mission Work Group. She said the report will then be analyzed by the planning committee and a final proposal will then be submitted to the full committee in mid-October.

The mission statement expected to be approved, or approved with small changes, reads, “The College provides an integrative approach to improving the quality of life for individuals, families and communities by: linking discovery, science, creativity, and practice; applying the knowledge of learning in all endeavors; and developing leaders for roles in research, education, business and industry, and health and human services.”