International Women’s Day celebration to be held Friday


Courtesy of Pixabay

international women’s day

Sage Smith

An International Women’s Day celebration event is being held by the Ames International Women’s Day Coalition Friday at 6:30 p.m. It will take place in the Ames Public Library Auditorium.

The Ames International Women’s Day Coalition is made up of different organizations and groups in the community. A performance by the Ames High Step Team will get the event rolling. Following the performance will be a discussion panel which consists of women in politics and those studying women in politics.

The moderator Karen Kedrowski, director of Carrie Chapman Catt Center, will ask the panelists questions related to their work. The panel will discuss the obstacles for women in the workforce that men don’t encounter while running for office or in a public political position.

“Women just need a safe place to share their frustrations and triumphs,” said Kimberly A. Hope, Program Assistant for Women’s and Gender Studies program. “This is an excellent way for women in our community to do that.”

While this is an event geared towards women, everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

“We need people of all genders to show up and support the women in our lives,” Hope said. “That’s what makes our entire country better is when everybody is included.”

Those attending can look forward to learning from the panelists. There will be time for a few questions at the end and then a time capsule activity similar to the one at the 2014 event.

“Come excited about where we’re going as women and ready to reflect on what we need to do next to make it even better,” Hope said.