Sexual assault and sexual misconduct campus climate survey to launch Friday

Sexual Assault Awareness Ribbon.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Sexual Assault Awareness Ribbon.

Caitlin Yamada

The Iowa State Dean of Students Office will launch a campus climate survey on sexual assault and sexual misconduct Friday.

“This survey is an important tool for us to assess our current programs to encourage a healthy, safe, and nondiscriminatory environment at ISU and to shape future policies,” said Margo Foreman in an email to students.

Each student will receive an unique URL to access the survey. The responses of the survey will be confidential.

The survey is due March 31.

In the fall 2017 campus climate survey, conducted by Rankin and Associates Consulting, 11 percent, or 770 survey respondents indicated they had experienced unwanted sexual contact/conduct.

One percent, 80 respondents, experienced relationship violence; 2 percent, 157 respondents, experienced stalking; 8 percent, 554 respondents, experienced unwanted sexual interaction (e.g., catcalling, repeated sexual advances, sexual harassment) and 3 percent, 221 respondents, experienced unwanted sexual contact (e.g. fondling, rape, sexual assault, penetration without consent) while a member of the Iowa State community.

Of those who had experienced unwanted sexual contact, 90 percent, 193 respondents, did not report the incidents.

The main reasons respondents gave for not reporting unwanted sexual contact were “fear of consequences,” “blamed themselves,” saying it was “no big deal” and they “expected no response.”