Zane Mulder and the Cyclones dominate South Dakota State

Iowa State wrestling coach Kevin Dresser (left) and assistant coach Brent Metcalf (right) cheer after then-freshman Zane Mulder takes down South Dakota State senior Logan Peterson during their match in the 165-pound weight class. The Iowa State wrestling team won 47-0 against South Dakota State at Hilton Coliseum on Feb. 1.

Zane Douglas

What a way to start a career.

Freshman Zane Mulder stole the show on Friday evening as he wrestled in his first career collegiate dual and helped the Cyclones come away with a dominant 47-0 win.

“He was excited,” said coach Kevin Dresser. “He went out and made stuff happen.”

Mulder started off strong at 165-pounds with a quick takedown, but he surprised everyone later in the first period when he flipped his opponent, senior Logan Peterson, on his back and pinned him for six team points.

Mulder picked himself up off the mat and flexed his muscles for the loud Hilton Coliseum crowd.

“I just had to get out of there [because] I was freaking out,” Mulder said. “I didn’t know what to do. I was just all over the place man, it was awesome.”

Mulder was filling in for fellow freshman Logan Schumacher who is battling a knee injury.

Mulder was 12-6 on the season to this point, but this was his first time in the starting lineup for during his time at Iowa State.

The decision for Dresser to lift Mulder’s redshirt for this weekend was something that he knew some people would disagree with, but Dresser noted that this kind of experience is important for young guys. Even though the job is Schumacher’s for now, Mulder can still get his chance as the next man up.

“I’m a strong believer in, when you get opportunities sometimes you take them no matter how long or short,” Dresser said. “You can’t tell me that what just happened in Hilton didn’t do something for Zane Mulder.”

Mulder’s win was unexpected, but it set the tone for what was one of the most lopsided victories in Cyclone wrestling history.

As the match continued, it became clear that South Dakota State was overmatched with the Cyclones winning every bout.

At 149-pounds, redshirt sophomore Jarrett Degen had a bounce-back match after losing twice last weekend.

Degen wrestled against one of two ranked wrestlers for South Dakota State, and after a slow start, Degen was able to pin No. 19 Henry Pohlmeyer.

“I’ve been working on my offense, trying to get that first period going a little bit,” Degen said. “When I go out there it just all comes back to muscle memory.”

Iowa State had two more pins on the day at 133-pounds with redshirt freshman Austin Gomez, and at 125-pounds with redshirt sophomore Alex Mackall.

For Mulder, he wants to use the chance he is getting as a freshman to turn some heads.

“I just want to take full advantage of this opportunity and show the rest of the world what I’ve got,” Mulder said.

The Cyclones will host Utah Valley on Sunday, and Mulder will start again at 165-pounds.

After Friday’s bout, Dresser didn’t need to say anything to the 18-year-old.

“I don’t think I need to say much,” Dresser said. “I think he’s feeling pretty good right now.”