Hold off on rushing the field

Zac Reicks

I saw it coming as the fourth quarter was nearing its end. Iowa State was comfortably ahead of Texas Tech 31-17, and ready to finish running out the clock. And then it happened. As I stood on the sideline, finishing up scribbling notes down on my pad, fans rushed the field. To my utter amazement and disappointment, Iowa State fans rushed the field.

Did they not know that this was 11th-ranked Iowa State defeating unranked Texas Tech? Did they not know that Iowa State was 5-1, while Texas Tech was 4-2?

Did they not know that Iowa State was FAVORED by 6 12 points, playing at Jack Trice Stadium, in front of 50,000 fans?

Besides that, there was Kliff Kingsbury playing in cold weather, with no running game and away from the warm confines of good ol’ Texas.

ISU fans rushed the field?

So here come ISU fans, straw hats and overalls flapping in the wind, strutting onto the field while there are still eight seconds on the clock.Talk about stupidity.

Now before you decide to go Nebraska on me and flood this newsroom with letters, hear me out. I am all for fans cheering about the success the Cyclones have had. Iowa State attendance has been at its highest since the early 1980s, and it is wonderful seeing home-field advantage actually come into play.

But seriously, folks, when you rush the field in a game like Texas Tech, you are displaying a level of discretion comparable to King Kong Bundy at a Chinese buffet.

So, for future reference — Missouri and Connecticut — do not storm the field when the Cyclones win games against teams they are supposed to beat.

In fact — just to help out the less-knowledgeable fan — I will give you the only circumstances in which you can ever charge a football field. The only reasons. Ever. In the whole world.

Rule No. 1: You can rush the field when Iowa State beats Iowa.ÿ

Not only is it fun to beat the Hawkeyes, but you also get a lot better view of the tears and grief on their fans faces while you dance across the field like Mark Madsen. (You can substitute Nebraska for Iowa in the above rule; dancing and laughing remain the same.)

Rule No. 2: You can rush the field when Iowa State wins a bowl game. Iowa State has won only one bowl game, and I was there watching my cousin fall on his face in the same spot Luis Gonzalez spits every day. Using his back as a springboard, I hopped onto the field and joined the party.

P.S. Make sure you rub it in the other team’s face even more, since your bowl game opposition usually doesn’t make your acquaintance very often.

Rule No. 3: You can rush the field when Iowa State defeats a higher-ranked team. This is the rule that makes the most sense. Whenever you defeat someone who is supposedly better than you are, it is important to chase them off the field like the British at the Battle of Cowpens. There are a few exceptions to this rule.

If you’re at an away game, stadium security and opposing fans might not like the fact that you are strutting around on their turf. There are also guys called state troopers that do not like it when you run through a line they have formed to keep you off the field.

It is much like the playground game “red rover, red rover.” But instead of trying to run through the arms of two little girls that have trouble standing up in a stiff breeze, you have to negotiate two hulks named Larry and Steve who are ready to make your face an acquaintance with the grass.

Fans, it is time to realize that we don’t need to spill out on the field every time the Cyclones beat Mideastern Montana State Tech and Southwest Kentucky A&M.

Iowa State has a good football team now and the fans need to act like it. Save the celebration for this weekend when the Cyclones beat the Sooners. For the fans that are traveling to Norman, let Oklahoma know that there is a new Big Red in the Big 12 North.

When ISU wins on Saturday, it’s definitely OK to get Sooner soil on those dancing shoes.

Zac Reicks

is a senior in journalism

and mass communication from Lawler.