Let’s talk: single life


Courtesy of Meredith Wheeldon

Meredith Wheeldon, senior in psychology, celebrated Valentine’s day on Wednesday with her girlfriends at a local pet shop.

Alexis Myszka

Meredith Wheeldon, senior in psychology, isn’t letting being single on Valentine’s day bring her down.

“Well I’ve only ever not been single on Valentine’s Day once, and it actually turned out to be a really awful day,” Wheeldon said. “So I don’t know, I guess it’s kind of a blessing to be single.” 

Wheeldon celebrated on Wednesday with one of her girlfriends at a local pet shop, Treats on a Leash, which hosted a girls only Galentine’s Day event featuring drinks such as hot chocolate and wine, as well as in store discounts.

“In years past it’s kind of been like, I’ll avoid social media and stuff, and some days I don’t even notice that it happens you know I just like continue on,” Wheeldon said.

As for the big day itself, Wheeldon said she considers it to be just another busy day of the week.

“It’ll be another long day like today and I’ll do homework, maybe treat myself to a snack of some sort and then wake up Friday morning,” Wheeldon said. 

Freshman in agricultural engineering Isaac Linn is also celebrating Valentines day his own way.

“I like Ramen, and I’m very single, probably will be for a very long time,” Linn said. “[I’m] gonna sit in my room, maybe eat some ramen and read my book.”

Being single on the heartfelt holiday is not new to Linn, which he said he accepts as just another part of life.

“Honestly it’s not a big deal, life is what it is, gotta take it for what it’s worth,” Linn said.