Herbs and plants to grow at home for cooking

Courtesy of Markus Spiske

Paige Mountain

Growing herbs at home is a healthy way to add some homegrown flavor to your favorite meals. Plus, it can be fun.

Herbs can be grown outside in a garden, but they can also be grown in the comfort of your home. There are many ways to go about growing them; you just have to find what works best for you.

If growing herbs indoors, be sure to pick a bright, sunny spot for them to grow unless their conditions say otherwise. Be sure to research the specific herbs you are growing because many of them need different conditions than others.

If planting herbs indoors, the best pots to use are terracotta or ceramic. Plastic, metal and wood pots also work; they just dry out quicker than terracotta and ceramic. If you live somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, you can use LED grow lights instead of sunlight, and your herbs will grow just as well.

You can find herb seeds at any home improvement store such as Lowes or Home Depot. Earl May Garden Center also carries a wide variety of seeds.

Here are 10 common herbs that can easily be grown at home.


Parsley is one of the easiest ways to garnish and add flavor to dishes. Chop it up, and you can top nearly any dish with it.

When growing parsley, be careful to not overwater. Place it in a spot with maximum sunlight, and it will be good to go.


Mint is a versatile herb that works particularly well with sweets. Use it in tea or lemonade to add a cool and fresh touch.

Mint does not need full sun to grow and sometimes prefers partial shade. Keep mint potted and the soil well-drained.


Basil can be used for flavor in dishes as well as garnish, making it a great all-around herb to have on hand.

Basil grows best in full sunlight. Basil likes warm growing conditions and does not do well in cold environments.


Thyme is a great way to add some subtle flavor to soups, pasta, chicken dishes and many others.

To grow thyme, keep in full sun with loamy, well-drained soil.


Sage can be used as a garnish or in sauces and dishes to add a hint of earthy flavor. It also works great in herbal tea.

Sage grows best in full sunlight with loamy soil. Sage does best in a cool, dry environment.


Rosemary is great for seasoning meat and most other savory dishes.

Plant rosemary in a warm area and be sure it gets direct sunlight.


Topping pizza with oregano adds a fresh boost of flavor. It can also be used to season and garnish meat and other dishes.

Oregano grows best in full sun with well-drained soil.


Garnish any dish with fresh cilantro. It also works great in tacos.

Keep cilantro in full sun with well-drained soil if growing indoors. If growing outdoors, make sure the environment is not too warm. Cilantro grows best in a cooler climate.


Dill works as a garnish or for some added flavor in many dishes. It can also be used to make dill pickles, and other types of dill flavored snacks.

It’s essential for dill to have full sunlight to grow properly. Grow it in a warm environment with well-drained soil.


Garnish almost any dish with chives to add some flair and flavor.

Chives are easy to grow. Keep them well-drained and in a spot with full sunlight.