Gerdin Business Building Expansion causes east entrance closing

Kirstie Martin

The expansion of the Gerdin Business Building has officially begun. Because of this, on Feb. 4 the east entrance doors of the building were closed off.

These doors are at the base of the stairs in the Gerdin Business Building and are one of the main ways students get in and out of Gerdin.

The doors will be closed until the addition has been completed. The addition is set to be complete in August 2020.

“If everything would go right they will have a substantial completion of the expansion in August of 2020,” said Danny Johnson, director of facilities in the Ivy College of Business. “This means that the building will be done, it will just need furniture and IT installed.”

A temporary wall is to be constructed at the east entrance doors and signs with directions are supposed to be installed. Fencing around the primary construction site, which leads up to those doors, is also going to be installed.

Johnson said throughout the construction, there isn’t supposed to be any other door closings. However, other parts of the construction will impact student traffic.

“Once graduation occurs in May, they will be closing off part of Wallace Road,” Johnson said. “Students will be able to access the upper and lower deck of the parking ramp, but not part of Wallace Road.” 

Classes are scheduled to be held in the new addition of Gerdin in January 2021, although Johnson said there can always be delays that are unavoidable.