Vikings should name Moss the head coach

Emily Arthur

Randy Moss has nothing but good things to look forward to next season.

For one, he’s already established that he “plays hard when he wants to.”

Now that the media realizes his philosophy, there will be no more need to question why good ol’ Randy didn’t run a complete route or why he failed to throw a block. No more high expectations for Mr. Moss.

And Moss always has his salary to look forward to. He’s developed his own little formula that seems to work. It goes like this: less production equals more money. He proved this season that’s the way to go.

But perhaps the greatest reason Randy Moss has to look forward to next season is the simple fact that he’s finally found a coach who loves him more than he loves himself.

Just listen to what new Vikings coach Mike Tice had to say to Bob Sansevere of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

“I want him to shatter everything, ” Tice said alluding to Moss and the NFL record book. “We have to increase the ratio of touches for Randy Moss. The ratio has to improve. It’s not good enough.”

If those comments weren’t enough, when Tice was asked if Moss can catch 150 passes in 2002, gain 2,000 yards and score 25 touchdowns, all of which would set new NFL records, Tice replied with one word.


And Sansevere’s reaction?

“There wasn’t even the hint of alcohol on his breath when he said it. He was sober and dead serious.”

No wonder Moss only plays when he wants to. Hard to displease your new coach when he already thinks you’re the pinnacle of holiness, the savior of the National Football League; you get the idea.

Reportedly Moss and Tice are tight. Both men speak highly of each other and have a strong relationship off the field. However, I find it hard to believe the relationship will transfer into positive stats for Moss or the Vikings next season.

Moss has already said he does what he wants to do. What happens when Tice asks Randy to run a route and Randy doesn’t want to? Somehow, I can’t imagine Moss saying, “Fine man. You’re the coach. I’ll do what you want,” when he’s already said the only person who tells him what to do is Randy Moss.

Kind of a scary outlook for next season when looking at the way the Vikings’ offense runs through Moss.

For example, in the five Minnesota wins this season, Moss averaged seven catches for 112 yards. In the 11 losses, four catches for 61 yards. In one of Minnesota’s largest wins of the season, a 42-24 victory over the Tennessee Titans, Moss had his best game of the year racking up seven catches for an impressive 158 yards receiving. When Moss has a big game, so do the Vikings.

That being said, it was important for the Vikings to go out and get a coach who has the ability to control Randy Moss, someone who would challenge him, someone who’s not afraid to sit him down when need be and most importantly, someone who’s not already friends with him. Instead, the Vikings promoted within their system and hired Tice, the offensive line coach.

Tice said that he’ll turn the Vikings around. They already have all the keys to success, he said. Vikings management and many of the players agree and have put their faith in Tice, believing he’s the man that’s going to turn things around in Minnesota. Add to that the fact that the team believes that Tice is the man to get Moss back on track, and the Vikings has put a positive spin on next season’s outlook.

Although it all looks good on the outside and Minnesota seems to have mastered the art of putting on a show, the Vikings won’t improve on the 5-11 record they posted this season until they figure out just who’s in charge.

Saying that, my vote goes to Moss.

Emily Arthur is a junior in journalism and mass communication from Clarke, S.D. She is assistant sports editor for the daily.