Meyer’s big weekend propels ISU hockey

Gabe Davis

The ISU Cyclone Hockey team picked up a pair of wins against the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater over the weekend.

The Cyclones started the series off Friday at the Ames Ice Arena with a 10-5 victory.

“Friday night, we came out pretty strong. We new it was a big weekend, so we knew we’d need to come out flying,” Cyclone co-captain Jeremy Meyer said. “All the lines rolled pretty well, and we played a good 60-minute game.”

The team seemed to get hotter as the game went on with Meyer really turning it on.

“We played pretty well, especially in the third period. Big game by Jeremy, he played really well,” forward Tony Daniels said.

“Five goals is something. You got to look forward to having a guy like that on your team.”

There have been four or five players who have had hat tricks this year. However, the last Cyclone to score five goals in one game was Glen Detulleo in 1999 against North Dakota State.

“Meyer had a stellar performance,” said teammate and forward Eric Tofte. “He was all over the ice, looking great. One of the best performances I’ve seen from a collegiate athlete here at ISU.”

After giving everybody else a chance first, Meyer started his scoring with two goals in the second period. In the third period, he shot a hat trick to make it five goals for the night.

“Well, it seemed like every shot he took had eyes. Everything was going in. It didn’t matter if the goalie was there or if he wasn’t there, it would wind up at the back of the net,” Daniels said.

As a co-captain for the Cyclones, Meyer knows when he needs to step it up, Daniels said.

“It helps that he’s one of the most determined guys on the team. Whenever he goes to the net, things look good scoring-wise,” he said. “As a captain, when we were down for a little bit in the game, he really took control, and showed his leadership.”

The Cyclones continued their series on Saturday night and came out with a 5-3 win over the Warhawks.

“We came started out a little slow, but we came back strong at the end. We played really well in both the third periods, which is a good sign,” Meyer said. “Just that when we want to come out and play strong, that we can come out and play that way. So that went well, and we finished off with a big series for the weekend with two wins, so we’re happy for that.”

No teams in the league will be easy to beat, and while some teams may be bigger and stronger, the Cyclones are more in shape, said forward Nat Little.

“Wisconsin came out playing pretty hard. It was pretty evenly matched both nights up until the third period,” he said. “I don’t know if they were a little tired from the bus ride or what. We’re becoming a pretty good third-period team ourselves, so we came out fine in the third. I think it showed that we’re in good shape, that we could play the whole game strong.”

The team did step it up in the third period, Daniels said, and “that’s what makes the difference.”

“In the third [period], we came together and really took it to ’em,” he said. “We ended up beating them big and outscored them. You know, we had a couple of goals in the third period and that really put the nail in the coffin.”

The Cyclones will continue to practice hard through the week as they are now preparing for the upcoming weekend against Division II team Robert Morris University.