Tickets sell out at near record pace

Dan Quinnell

It may be only the beginning for the ISU football team, but it’s the beginning of the end for ISU students who have not bought season tickets for this year’s three major sports.

ISU athletic ticket manager Dave Crum said that all-sports passes and season tickets for football and men’s and women’s basketball are sold out.

“We had very close to the same ticket numbers available as last year for students wanting season tickets and all-sports passes,” Crum said. “Tickets have just sold faster this year.”

Crum said one of the reasons tickets might have sold out quickly is due to students using the Internet as a new way to buy tickets.

“We have used the Internet for three years now, but this year it seems like students are more aware of the Internet instead of going to the box office,” Crum said.

Students are using the Internet more for convenience than anything else.

“I used the Internet basically because I’m lazy,” said Brad Carlson, senior in mechanical engineering. “I have bought tickets before at the box office, but used the Internet this year because of its convenience.”

The internet wasn’t the only reason season football tickets sold early. With Iowa’s big win over Kent State, the matchup between the two big schools from Iowa has new-found importance.

“The Iowa game at home has students buying season tickets early,” Crum said.

Some students just wanted their tickets, Iowa game or not.

Carlson said he wasn’t concerned about the Iowa game being a home game, but more concerned about getting his tickets early.

“I bought my tickets the first day of classes,” said Carlson. “I wasn’t that worried about them running out after that.”

Season tickets for basketball have sold out faster this year than last, and football season hasn’t even kicked off yet.

“Five hundred tickets were set aside for students wanting season tickets for men’s basketball and 200 for women’s basketball,” Crum said. “Women’s basketball has never sold out this quickly, but we plan to have single-game tickets for some of the home games.”

Students may still purchase single-game football tickets for home games against Northern Iowa, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Colorado and Kansas State.