The game goes on

Paul Kix

By kickoff on Saturday, four days will have passed since four jumbo jets slammed into national monuments of pride, power and prestige.

Enough time will pass in between, ISU officials and students say, to get on with lives.

Enough time will have passed to play college football in Iowa.

“We think it may help the public start to heal and get on with their lives,” ISU athletics director Bruce Van de Velde said.

He met with ISU president Gregory Geoffroy, officials at the University of Iowa, the Big Ten and Big 12 Conferences throughout the week.

All decided to proceed with the game as scheduled.

That is, unless Saturday is declared as a National Day of Mourning; at which point, the group reevaluates their options, Van de Velde said.

However, Van de Velde said, “It’s been talked about that [the Day of Mourning] will be Friday.”

But if Saturday is a day to grieve, Van de Velde said “We won’t rule [out not playing].”

Although Thanksgiving weekend has been discussed as a possible make up date, Van de Velde said he knows nothing for certain.

He does not know if the game will be televised, either.

In any case, ISU head coach Dan McCarney is glad to talk football.

“We can’t stop thinking about [tragedy],” McCarney said. “We’re just glad we finally got a decision on [the game].”

Luke Boyd, a senior in finance, agrees with Van de Velde and McCarney, who, in turn, are in line with President Bush’s wishes for America to continue their daily lives.

“We need to press on. Don’t let this event show weakness,” Boyd said.

Boyd said he wonders how the players will concentrate.

“I’m sure it’s hard for them,” he said.

If Saturday is declared as the aforesaid, Boyd said he “totally understands why they wouldn’t have it.”

But if officials proceed with the game under such circumstances: “No. They shouldn’t have it,” Boyd said.

Katie Boes agrees.

“I don’t think that’s appropriate,” said Boes, a junior in journalism.

“It affects everyone in some way. They deserve a day.”

But all these points are moot, given the present situation of reevaluating if necessary.

“I think it’s okay that they’re going on with it,” Boes said.

McCarney heard the game, with all its qualifiers, was scheduled to go on as planned around 6 p.m Wednesday.

He told his players after practice.

“It’s been hard to focus this week,” McCarney said.

On Tuesday, McCarney said the team seemed a step slow, and many players afterwards said their prayers are for those who grieve.

Still, McCarney said the players remained positive this week.

McCarney was at the Super Bowl during Desert Storm.

“It was one of the most patriotic things I’ve ever been a part of.”

He says this weekend might rival it.