Football ticket sales on the rise

Emily Arthur

Success often brings rewards. No one realizes this more than the ISU Athletic Department.

After a football season which saw the Cyclones go 9-3 on their way to the first bowl win in school history, ticket sales are reaching record proportions.

Last season, Iowa State sold 20,130 football season tickets.

As of Friday, over 21,000 season tickets had been sold, and Athletics Director Bruce Van De Velde said he expects that number to reach over 22,000.

“We hope to sell out of our student season tickets,” Van De Velde said. “I think once everyone gets back to school, there will be a rush to purchase those.”

Ticket manager David Crum said tickets still remain, but students should try to purchase them as soon as possible.

“We do have season tickets remaining for students, but our all-sports passes have sold out,” Crum said.

Crum said that as of Friday morning there were still 1,200-1,300 football season tickets remaining for students.

As far as the cause of the rise in ticket sales, both men agree the success of last season’s football team has been a main contributor.

“It certainly has a lot to do with the success our football team had last year,” Van De Velde said. “I also think going to the bowl game and winning is a big part of the increasing sales.”

Crum said that another factor in the increase has to do with the Iowa State vs. Iowa game being in Ames this year.

“Most usually it [rise in sales] is accountable to a number of factors, and one of the factors is a winning football team,” Crum said.

“People had a great experience and they want to share in it again. The game against Iowa being in Ames also is a huge factor, because of the huge draw it brings in.”

Van De Velde said that along with the football team, there may be another factor that brings people to the stadium.

“Coach McCarney staying here has a lot to do with the increase,” Van De Velde said. “He’s become a crowd favorite, and a lot of that has to do with him doing a lot of things throughout the community. There are people who go to the games just to watch him.”

Students can purchase their tickets at the ticket office located next to Jack Trice Stadium.

Tickets are also available by calling 1-888-ISU-CYCLONE.