There’s no substitute for summer

Jonathan Lowe

With the summer Daily papers coming to a close this week, I won’t be able to do that many in-depth predictions, so I will have to get them in while I can.

What will happen during the rest of the major events of the session? Let’s find out.

Absurd Predictions (Last call for ambesol)

Golf: PGA Championship

There’s no question about this one. Phil Mickelson will finally get his major in Atlanta.

I believe he’s fed up with all of the pressure and letdowns that have followed him to every major for the past few years.

Just imagine entering a major and going in with such high expectations from everyone around you, and then choking at the moment where you can put your stamp on history.

This is Mickelson’s situation, and I think his breaking point was at the British Open.

Seeing David Duval smiling from ear-to-ear after lifting the Claret Jug must have put two ideas in his mind. First, how Duval could beat him to the punch and second, that it can be done.

Now it is clear that Mickelson is the world’s best player without a major victory, and I believe this spirit will lift him to the championship circle in mid-August.

Tennis: U.S. Open

There are so many players on the men’s side that are playing well right now, that it’s hard to choose a winner.

Also, there’s the fact that Marat Safin sort of came out of nowhere to win the tournament last year. This time around, it could be a number of players, including Kuerten, Agassi, Safin, Hewitt, Rafter, etc.

With the hardcourts taking their usual late August effect, youth should be served well.

With that premise, I’ll put my support toward the up-and-coming Swiss star Roger Federer.

One big reason, he played big at the ultimate time by upsetting Pete Sampras on his turf, Wimbledon.

For the ladies, it would be simpler if there were more sisters.


I’ll explain. Basically, two years ago, Serena Williams upset Martina Hingis for the title. Last year, older sis Venus won her second straight slam at Flushing Meadows.

Thus the logic that a third Williams sister would make my job a lot easier at this point, but I digress.

I figure this time around, I’ll cater to the male population of Iowa State (oh hell…the world) and pick the men’s popular choice to win, Miss Anna Kournikova.

My reasoning comes from a male vibe around the globe that prays she’s due for greatness.

But now for the biggest gamble of them all, I predict that once, just once, this year, I’ll get one of my predictions right, giving the world balance and harmony.

Ode to Summer, 2001

August is here and school is close to being back in session.

While I still have some time to kill, I think I will write a poem and dedicate it to the season that I would think most all of us look forward to every year. Just let me go get my bongos from the closet.

Now let me lay it down for all you hep cats.

Summer is a season of sweltering heat.

A time when athletes seem to compete

For the most respected titles in sport.

And this summer did not leave us short

Of those exciting, wonderful moments that we

Hope to feel, hope to sense, hope to be.

Raymond Bourque completed his lifelong mission

All NHL players strive for through attrition.

Then there is the grueling Tour de France,

Which we could now certainly call the race of Lance.

The Lakers survived all their whimpering and whining

To again raise the trophy, all polished and shining.

While Tiger struggled with his golfing game,

New faces won titles attached to major names.

On the women’s side it certainly can be said

“No one dominated the season like Aussie Karrie Webb.”

Baseball seems to be upside-down

With perennial cellar-dwellars making year-round powers frown.

Tennis crowned champions across the pond

Named Jenny, Venus, Guga, and…Goran?

There were controversies, conspiracies, and several broken laws.

Oh, and let us not forget Shaq’s many verbal flaws.

Ripken and Gwynn will lounge in their very own chaise,

Along with Primetime, who has now joined the retirement craze.

And with Autumn’s shadow not far ahead,

Several people will begin to go to bed

With visions of college and pro football scores,

The U.S. Open, the PGA and so much more.

A good luck wish to all Cyclone athletes

And every person out there who loves to compete.

Remember, no matter the season that wants to begin,

One thing is for certain.

That Shaq will shoot off his mouth, yet again.

Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all year and don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Jonathan Lowe is a senior in meteorology from Kansas City, Mo.