Cy’s license may be revoked permanently

Anna Conover

After a routine bar check, Cy’s Roost may have to close its doors again.

Cy’s Roost and Don’s Deli, 121 Welch Ave., was cited Feb. 26 for selling alcohol to a minor.

Patrick Greene, owner of the bar, was not available for comment.

Judy Parks, assistant city attorney, said the establishment had allegations against it for selling to minors on three past occasions, as well as three bootlegging charges. Greene was charged with three counts of bootlegging and three counts of supplying alcohol to minors.

Cy’s Roost reopened Jan. 19 after waiting out the 60-day liquor-license suspension period enacted by the Iowa Division of Alcoholic Beverages in Ankeny for the violations.

Cpl. Rollie Link, Ames Police special operations unit, said the police department was just doing a routine alcohol compliance check.

“Every month or six weeks, we send an underage person into licensed retailers and attempt to buy alcohol,” he said.

Sgt. Mike Johns said the check was done at five or six establishments in the community.

Link said the person was served alcohol at Cy’s Roost and at Mickey’s Irish Pub, 109 Welch Ave.

Parks said before the city decides what to do with Cy’s Roost’s liquor license, allegations against them must go through the judicial systems and be charged criminally. She said the individuals can plead guilty or go to trial.

After the trial, Parks said the city will probably file an administrative complaint against them. With the administrative complaint, the individuals can go to a hearing or sign an acknowledgment of the complaint against them.

However, Cy’s Roost’s operations can currently continue to serve.

“They can operate under current license normally. There is nothing about these particular allegations or even if there was an administrative complaint that doesn’t allow them to operate,” Parks said. “This does not immediately effect their ability to operate under their license.”

She said it’ll probably be the middle of the year before the city decides what to do with the liquor license, but she predicts the license will be revoked.

“I anticipate what the city will propose to do will be to revoke the liquor license for that establishment,” Parks said.

Although Mickey’s Irish Pub also allegedly sold alcohol to a minor, Parks said because it is the first allegation against them, the bar will probably be issued a fine.