Students tan despite dangers

Gabe Davis

With spring break right around the corner, many ISU students are heading to the tanning salons so they’re ready to sport a new swimsuit.Students may want to start tanning earlier this year for spring break or to get a base before summer, said JoAnn Borer, owner of The Clothesline. “The majority of them wait till the last minute, which they shouldn’t,” Borer said. “They need to get that foundation so that they won’t fry themselves when they go out on that beach, and if they do it properly, than that’s good.”Some students just tan for special occasions such as spring break, while others tan year round because it makes them feel good. Sheena Schreck, freshman in apparel merchandising, design and production, has been tanning for almost four years.”You look better, and you feel better too,” she said. “You don’t want to be the one that’s albino.” Schreck tans every day in the summer time, and, if she can’t make time to go outside, then she tans in a bed that night. Schreck doesn’t worry about the health risks because, “it’s more the quality of life than the quantity.”Some students have gotten used to being tan or are tanning for their upcoming spring break to the tropics. Nicole Stout, senior in child and family services, is building a base so she doesn’t have to worry about burning or wearing sunscreen when she’s in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, for spring break.There has been a lot of research involving the risk of skin cancer due to tanning, but Stout said she’s not worried yet. “I just don’t worry about it right now, and that’s probably wrong,” said Stout, who was a lifeguard for three summers. Some students at Iowa State don’t tan any time of the year. Jennifer Reiter, junior in elementary education, has never used a tanning bed, and seldom tans outside as well. “I have blonde hair, blue eyes and really fair skin, and I don’t know if I’d tan much anyway,” she said. “It’s just one thing that I can do for my health.”