Student Government amends bylaws, election timeline, seats new senator


Katlyn Campbell/Iowa State Daily

Vice President Juan Bibiloni addresses his fellow Student Government members during their first meeting of the spring semester on Jan. 16 in the Campanile Room at the Memorial Union.

Madelyn Ostendorf

Student Government caught up on bills after last week’s cancellation, updated the 2019 Election Timeline and amended their impeachment process Wednesday.

Two resolutions and one act had their second reading waived at Wednesday’s meeting.

Bills are typically introduced at the end of a Student Government meeting, senators have a chance to read over them for a week and then the bills are discussed and voted on in the next meeting, which is called the “second-read.”

When a bill is time-sensitive, the second read may be waived and the bill is introduced and voted on in the same meeting. Senators are usually informed before the meeting about any intents to waive the second-read so they are able to read over the bill prior to the meeting.

Speaker Cody Woodruff waived the second-read on the resolution, “Adjusting the 2019 Election Timeline,”  an order to adjust the 2019 election timeline and an act to fund Student Government’s executive slates’ campaigns.

“Adjusting the 2019 Election Timeline” is an order that requests the Senate approve the changes the Election Commission has made to the 2019 Election Timeline and recommends the Election Commission add additional seminars for students interested in running for office. All election events, excluding the Presidential and Vice Presidential debate, are pushed back one week.

The order was approved with a vote of 23-0-1.

“Funding Student Government Executive Slates” requests the Senate approve $700 be given to the three executive slates to begin their campaigns in reaction to the troubles the Election Commission has had in getting funding to the slates. The $700 will not be additional funding, but will be included in the $2,000 that each slate is already allotted.

“This is only a temporary fix and in order to give staff members enough time at this university to be able to accommodate for P-cards for individual slates, they need to get a move on it,” said Sen. Anne Miller.

Election Commissioner Emily Rizvic said the Election Commission had already sent in their constitution to become a student organization, which will allow them to move forward with the funding of candidates, and are waiting to get it approved.

The order was approved with a vote of 20-0-4. The senators who are running for executive slates abstained from the vote.

The Senate also saw a bylaw amendment. The amendment, titled “Reflect Accurate Impeachment Process for Election Commission,” aims to update the current bylaws to reflect the Election Commission’s change into a student organization.

“The impeachment procedure for any member of the Election Commission is outlined separately in the independent student organization constitution for the Election Commission,” according to the new amendment.

The bylaw change was approved with a vote of 23-0-1.

Zach Mass, a junior in software engineering, was seated as a voting senator on the Inter-Fraternity Council, prior to the resignation of the previous Inter-Fraternity Council senator, Matt Stenzel.

Mass was approved by unanimous consent.

Eight items of new business were read in and will be seen next week for second-read, six of which are funding bills for student organizations.

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The senate meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story said Woodruff waived second-read on “Higher Education Legislative Priorities of 2019.” The article has been updated to reflect the actual resolution for which second-read was waived. The Daily regrets this error.