Ways to avoid the line at Starbucks



Sierra Hoeger

Of all the businesses on Lincoln Way, Starbucks is almost always buzzing with student activity. Despite the busy atmosphere, lack of extra seating and menu items that are on the pricier side, Starbucks continues to be the go-to place for students to give into their coffee addiction.

Kelsey Havel, sophomore in elementary education, said she prefers Starbucks as a study spot over any other coffee establishment.

“It’s close to campus and easy to get to,” Havel said. 

However, Havel said that the noise level and overpriced drinks can sometimes frustrate her. When the lines become long, employees suggest ordering via the Starbucks app. Mobile orders get their own separate printer, and aren’t overlooked by the in-store orders that come in.

While mobile orders can be a nice perk for those who don’t have time to wait in line or dine-in, Havel said that the rewards system is not really worth it, adding that it’s nearly impossible to earn points quickly to upgrade your status as a Starbucks customer.

“It’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had in terms of actually being able to get along with my co-workers,” said Will Walker, senior in history and employee at Starbucks. “It’s really laid-back.”

Walker gave some insight on when Starbucks is frequently less busy so customers can try to avoid long lines as well as the frustration that comes with the lack of seating.

“From 9 to 11 a.m. it’s the busiest,” Walker said. “Then you get peaks around lunchtime or dinnertime. Other than that it’s going to be chill, especially around nighttime,” 

However, if drinking coffee late into the night isn’t your cup of tea, then early mornings are also a slow time for the popular coffee establishment.