Letter to the editor: We’re not better than Nebraska

Rachael Owens

This is in response to Monday’s editorial, “We’re still better than Nebraska.” What makes you think that we are any better than Nebraska? Or any other school for that matter?

So we didn’t beat them in the game last Saturday. We gave it our best and it just wasn’t quite enough to beat Nebraska who had a slight edge over us. But that’s cool, I mean they are ranked No. 1 and we should not be ashamed to admit that we did not win.

The game on Saturday was an AWESOME game. There is no reputing that. We stood like a wall against Nebraska for three quarters and for that I congratulate the ISU team. And then Nebraska broke down the wall and beat us in the fourth and for that I congratulate the UNL team. We both played an excellent game, and that should be all that matters.

However the people on the editorial board seem to be sore losers. There is no reason whatsoever to imply that we are better than the University of Nebraska, or that the people who go there will come away from there with degrees that mean nothing. What makes you think that our academic programs are any better than that of the University of Nebraska Lincoln?

The University of Nebraska has many programs to serve those that go there including but not limited to: agricultural sciences and natural resources, architecture, arts and sciences, business administration, engineering and technology, fine and performing arts, graduate studies, human resources and family sciences, journalism and mass communications law.

Hey look at that! Those look a lot like some of the programs we have here at Iowa State! So does that mean my Animal Science degree will one day be worthless just like the Animal Science degree of a student at the University of Nebraska?

I think we need to stop and think about what has happened here. A football game doesn’t depend on how smart you are or what degree you have, or where you are getting that degree.

It depends on strength, coaching and practice. A future employer does not care where you graduated from so long as you have the degree, a good GPA and the motivation to succeed.

Editorial Board of the Iowa State Daily, learn to buck up and face the fact that we can’t win every game. Go congratulate the ISU team on their wonderful teamwork in an awesome game. And then go congratulate Nebraska on their teamwork in an awesome game.

Rachael Owens


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