Following the Hubs reopening the Bookmobile returns to its original spot on campus.

Jordyn Dubois

After months of moving locations the bookmobile has returned to its home between Parks library and Morrill Hall. The bookmobile is a combined partnership through Iowa State’s library and the Ames Public library.

Every Thursday, going on the second year the bookmobile stops by Iowa State’s campus from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The bookmobile is free and is staffed with one bus driver and one staff member from the Ames Public Library.

Monica Gillen a communication specialist at Parks Library says “ Anybody from campus whether its faculty needing the materials that are available at the Ames Public Library, students or staff can use it. So you can check things out, return and you can request items in advance.”

Anyone on campus who is looking to use the bookmobile, but does not have a library card can apple for one in the bookmobile.

Amy Boldman, a staff member of the Ames Public Library says “We can get you a card here, you just need a photo ID and something that verifies your current address. You have to live in the state of Iowa in order to get a library card, but you don’t have to live in Ames.”

For people without a library card there is a small section of donated books known as “uncataloged books.” People are able to take these books and have the option of returning them at a later week or keeping them.Boldman says the library receives many donations.

The books in the bookmobile are selected based on the stop. Knowing Thursday’s stop is at Iowa State’s campus they chose books based off the audience. After 60 days the books are added to a pull off list and all the books are refreshed. The bookmobile is also restocked every morning to make sure it is full for the stops.

If you don’t find the book you are looking for in the bookmobile the staff can help you request that particular book. Requesting a book considering the Ames Public Library has that title will hold the book for you when it becomes available. That book can then be picked up and checked out in the bookmobile a following week.

Roger Hop a employee with the Ames Public Library says “We’re hoping to build up as word gets out. Just be aware of it. Anything up at the main library we can bring to them here at this stop. That’s convenience.”

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